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Call for Proposals - Public Art Incubator Residency at the Berwick

Fri Jan 13, 2006 13:15

The Berwick Research Institute Public Art Incubator Residency
APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 15th, 2006

For more information, visit or send an email to:

Public Art Incubator Program Application Guidelines

Background: Creating public art can be a long and complicated process, often requiring extensive fieldresearch, community dialogue, and significant personal and creative reflection. The Berwick Research Institute Public Art Incubator Program (PAI) provides support and critical feedback to artists exploring ideas and experiments in public art that are still in the research and development stage.

Eligibility: The Berwick invites artists or artist groups to submit proposals for the research and development of works intended for the public sphere. Applications are encouraged from artists who require time, space and a critical feedback as they experiment and investigate the form and content necessary to realize their public art projects. During this 3-month residency, the Berwick provides one artist/group of artists space to workshop ideas, draw on our networking resources for materials, publicity and critique, and receive regular critical feedback from peers and curators working in the field of public art.

Residency includes:
· Off-site consultation via phone and email with PAI curators for one month, followed by a 3 month on-site studio residence (June - August)
· Office space within the Berwick's communal artist studio space with access to wireless internet, phone, and a working table. While the residency's focus is on research and development, artists are welcome to use this space for light fabrication
· $1500 stipend for project development
· Bi-weekly critiques and studio visits with public art curators and peer artists
· 3+ publicized public presentations of ideas, concept and process
· Contact with community groups relevant to project concept and implementation

Artists proposing temporary public works and working in experimental media are strongly encouraged to apply.

NOTE:Our facilities may limit certain applicants. If your work requires special equipment, please be advised that you will have to provide it yourself. We currently offer a 12X12-ft studio with some furniture and access to a limited wood shop. The studio is located in our 1,800 square foot space with three other Berwick artist studios.

The residency is open to artists based in the United States and interested in public art projects sited in New England (preference given to public artwork proposed for Boston).

Project Proposal: Submit a 3-page proposal describing the concept and content of your research project. Questions to consider are: What is the proposed project? Why have you chosen the specific location/ community in which the artwork will exist? What are possible challenges and obstacles that you anticipate as you develop this project and how will you overcome them? What is your experience working in the public sphere (in art or non-art related contexts)? What is the continued life of the project after the residency ends? How does your project fit the Berwick Research Institute mission and specific resources of the PAI
program? Please note that the PAI jury considers the proposal to be the most significant element of the application.

Submission of Support Materials: Please submit support materials of past projects, or your current work in progress. We accept slides, photos, texts, CDs, and cued VHS tapes. Accompany all support materials
with a slide sheet or written description of each piece including the title, date, medium and any background details. Do not submit more than 10 slides, photos or image files, 5 pages of additional texts; or 5 minutes of video. Do not send original work. We will not accept submissions via email.

Please include 1) Your email address or a SASE for acknowledgement of the receipt of your work 2) Your email address or a SASE for notification of jury results. 3) A SASE for return of support materials. We cannot return support materials without a SASE (self-addressed, stamped envelope) with sufficient postage.

Jury: The Berwick PAI panel includes Berwick members and alumni, distinguished, artists, public art curators, community organization representatives, and liberal arts professionals in every stage of their careers. Applicants are judged solely on the quality and feasibility of their proposed project and its fit with the Berwick mission and resources.

Notification: Results will be emailed or mailed to each applicant as soon as possible. Information on the progress of an application will not be given before the final decisions are announced. Public Art Incubator Program 2006 Session: June 1 - September 1 (with pre-residency consultation in May)

Deadline: Applications must arrive at the Berwick PO Box by February 15th,2006. This is not a postmark deadline.

Stipend: Selected artist or group will receive stipends of $1,500 for the three-month residency.

Residency: PAI artist/s are provided with a studio/office space in a communal environment during their session. The Berwick is unable to supply artists with housing at this time, but can help direct artists to housing resources in the Boston area.

Support: Artists will work closely with PAI curators to develop an action plan for the residency, identify and actualize personal or community partnerships relevant to project development, address questions and challenges in form and content, and plan steps forward after the incubation period. Artists will receive administrative support for publicity, events, and procuring materials. The Berwick community offers creative feedback during critiques and events.

Documentation / Final Report: Research documentation is a significant element of all Berwick programming. Artist/s will be provided with an online journal on the Berwick's website and will be expected to keep detailed documentation of their research experience. The final report for this incubation period can take several forms including, but not limited to: a detailed project outline for application to local and national public art funding entities; a public presentation of process, experiments, outcomes, and next steps in collaboration with related community members and collaborators; and a written report detailing process and project discoveries posted online on the Berwick PAI Projects web page. Additionally, the project will be documented with a
limited-edition poster and commentary that will be distributed among Berwick community and around Boston.

Applicant Checklist
E Completed Application Form
E Curriculum vitae, bio, resume or list of professional experience
related to your project
E 3-page project description
E List of technical needs and special materials
E Support materials including slides, photos, CD, cued VHS videotape
or 5 pages of additional text. If applicable please include a list
with corresponding title, medium, and date. Do not submit more than
10 slides, photos or image files, or 5 minutes of video.
E SASE postcard or email address for acknowledgement of receipt of
E SASE or email address for notification of results
E SASE with sufficient postage for return of materials
Public Art Incubator Residency

Application Form
Mailing Address:
Email Address:
Area of Concentration:
How did you hear about the Berwick's Public Art Incubator program?
Please write a 2-3 sentence summary of your project here:
**Please attach your 3-page proposal**
**Please provide a resume, c.v. or bio**
Application Deadline: February 15th, 2006
Submit all materials to:
Berwick Research Institute
ATTN: Public Art Incubator Program
PO Box 190087
Roxbury, MA 02119
Please note: The Berwick is not able to accept mail at our street address therefore we cannot accept hand delivered applications.