Since 2009
Works in Winchester United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I have recently completed an MA Fine Art by project at Winchester School of Art.

My work deals with concepts developed from the frustration and restriction of my own broken and blocked communication to enquiries into the communication of the blind inner experience perceiving space if relying predominantly on sound. I have journeyed through conversations of philosophers, Milligan and McGee, who reflect on the knowledge we gain through sounds to reveal surroundings beyond our own dimension, and John Hull’s autobiography which gives us arresting contrasts between the two different worlds of experience.

Further work collaborating with four other artists at Havant Arts Centre in a site specific works:- Co-existence of smooth and striated spaces and that which lies in-between. An improvised investigation will take the form of experimental practice between different artists, questioning and contrasting:-
Surface, topology, hidden space, security, gravity, stratus, layers, double articulation, folding, unfolding, changing continuum, the stop/ the trajectory

This innovative and challenging work not only challenges site specificity; the relationships between an inner space and our perceptions of knowing or not knowing, dependant on what type of experience. This also deals with issues so many of us feel uncomfortable with, but intrigue us (i.e., most of us are unaware of the experiences of a blind person). The intangible aspects of an inner experience, sound and displacement.

I have concentrated on a realm of experience which has been likened to Tatlin’s Tower, ‘a gesture in faith of something better’ and this improvisation of placing and replacing their position is like a jazz performance, not knowing what the result will be. The not knowing and the unexpected moments of experience have always been part of the work. This scary but exciting prospect is the concept and the practice.

From a crazy starting point, in my original MA proposal, where are we in relation to sound? and wanting to make a difference to others, I have not been beholden entirely to this and let the research take its own course in the knowledge that this exciting process will continue.

Rhizome will help me develop these ideas through opportunities and networking with other artists.