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video installation one day one night

Sat Dec 21, 2002 00:00 - Mon Dec 09, 2002

dear network

back from japan
we are presenting our first impressions
in a video installation
one day one night
one day in japan
one night in cologne

for those who are living in cologne
you can see the installation from outside
from dusk to dawn
would be nice to see you there
vernissage on
saturday 21 12 02 around 17h00

gallery rachel haferkamp
eigelstein 112

21 12 02 to 01 01 03
video in public space
t 0049 221 640 39 35
m 0049 170 297 27 57


DEF_4 an interactive collaboration film exhibition @ Iljuarthouse in Seoul

Mon Aug 19, 2002 00:00 - Sun Aug 18, 2002

DEF_4 an interactive collaboration film exhibition @ Iljuarthouse in Seoul

24 August - 04 September 2002

Yea Gyung, Paris
Kieran Mc Bride, New York
N_apostrophe, Tokyo

The exhibition is about an interactive video installation in which the audience can influence the evolution of the story.

LIVE PERFORMANCE: Seoul @ Iljuarthouse, Saturday 24 August 2002, 19H00 local time

presented by studiometis (Tokyo-Paris-Cologne) with
VJ Cleaner
VJ Selector
DJ Tube

110-61 Seoul JongRogu, shinMoon-Ro 1-ga 226, HeungGukSaengMyung Building 1F, Seoul

Projects from N_apostrophe since 1995
1995 (DEF_1 @ Kobe, Japan)
1997 (DEF_2 @ Cologne, Germany)
2000 (DEF_3 @ Bonn, Germany)

Stage 1 (DEF_1) is matrix film written and realized by N_apostrophe (Kunihiko Nakagawa, professor of semiotics of film)
Stage 2 (DEF_2 + DEF_3) is mixtured film realized by 3 collaborators (John Hudson @ New York, Ron Frankel @ Los Angeles, Ayumi Takenaka @ Tokyo) and N_apostrophe based on the same scenario written by him

Stage 3 (DEF_4) is interlaced film written and realized by participants who communicate each other.

DEF_ Projects consists in liberating of film making from Monopolist Productions and in creating Cyber Living Space around normal life. This duplication makes "Cyber Urban" in Post Modern Period.

N_apostrophe and studiometis are both working on a possible future of film. On N apostrophe side the idea of making films through the net and on studiometis side the idea of making films with loops using live mixing and improvisation techniques.
We are also inviting Korean companies to the exhibition to present this concept with its 3 levels: entertainment, information and knowledge.

studiometis is a creative network blurring the boundaries between art, design, film, music, education and consultancy.
involved in projects in france, germany and japan, we create cozy knowledge spaces using new technologies. (not really updated and slow to load)

for further information please contact: