Strip That Fat Diet Review

Attention Women Baby Boomers - you came into the world pure and naked. You either lived life or it lived you. It is up to you to be comfortable with the stage you are at physically, emotionally, and life style. We, each and every one of us, programmed where we are today with the choices we made living each day. Our era began after World War II when our parents were emerging from the depression and in a day that possibilities birthed expectations. With our emancipation we either were stay at home moms or journeyed into the business world seeking a career and gratification. The sixties were a crazy and different time when free love surrounded a rebellious generation. We were going to do things our way.

Strip That Fat
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Final Phase Fat Loss

Has it worked for you? Women Boomers wanted more then just Motherhood and so we juggled our time with career and the situation was not all it was cracked up to be although, we took the reigns of our obligations to heart and stood by our decisions. We made the effects of time work for us, and now as we look back on our lives we somehow wonder where did the time go. Looking in the mirror we remember a once trim, toned, body as we take in the view of the middle age spread we had heard stories about way back when. Urgency stirs within, and we are determined not to settle for the effects of time passed.

What do we do? First thought is to sign up at a gym and begin working out again, remembering the old phrase: "No Pain No Gain". Restructure diet by counting calories, reading labels, and eventually give way to trying some of those diet pills we once firmly did not believe in. We are hooked by any diet promotion that comes our way because we want back what was taken from us. Our youth has slipped, our stomachs are bulging, the once rounded hips have definitely put on more padding, and this causes our behinds to protrude out. We are out of proportion. Yikes! We are women in menopause and not loving it!

Although, we are a take-charge era, menopause has us mystified but we do not intend to shout UNCLE...On the search for a healthy way of reducing the pounds and inches after trying the conventional methods we shift gears and consider a life style change to maintain a healthy attitude, body, mind, and soul. There are resources all over the planet that give advice on weight loss and how to lose sensibly. The best one I found teaches how to use food combination to strip and stop the fat weight gain once and for all. What to eat, and when to eat are the foundation to healthy weight loss success.