Have you guys checked out this site yet called MovieLab? You can get free movie downloads online, as well as tv shows and anime all streaming to your computer. They have all the latest releases, including old classic movies as well. All the movies on the site are available via several streaming sources. The sources are provided by third party streaming or download sites. It is good that they have several streaming sources, as some are sometimes down. In this case you can select another source, that may be in higher quality and a faster stream.

One of my favorite movies that I have just watched today on MovieLab is Skyfall, which is the new 007 or James Bond movie released in October 2012. This sites is the only site on the internet I could find that actually had the movie Skyfall available on the day of release! That is really impressive, and the quality is not bad either for a first release. Anyway, about the movie, I reckon Skyfall is probably the best of all the James Bond movies ever release, much better than any of the classics such that goldeneye. Didn't think I would ever be able to say that, but I am. A well recommended watch for everyone! I won't release too many details of the movie, as I don't watch to spoil it for you lot!