The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audiovisual art from all over the world. This event takes place once a year.
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Open call for submissions - Streaming Festival 6th edition 12-2011

Sat Oct 15, 2011 00:16

Open call for submissions 6th edition
This year we’re doing things slightly differently. Instead of exclusively screening films, there’ll also be showcases for 2d art, flash and an audio program.
Moreover we’ve decided to open the call for online submissions again.
So, no more need for post and stamps. Just place a link to your preview, and that’s that.
But here is the thing. Only preview links from are accepted, nothing else. If you haven’t got an account at vimeo, simply register at vimeo and upload a preview of your film(s) there. If your film(s) on vimeo aren’t publicly available, which is fine with us, but do not forget to send us the access code to preview your work.
Obviously, you can still send your work by post if you prefer that.
The film competition will return again in the sixth edition, so if you’re up for running, tick the competition participation box on the submission form.
For now we’d like to invite you to submit your films or 2d art to the festival, while we’re working out the quirks for the flash and audio submission forms.
As per usual, no entrance fee - all genres accepted.
Without further ado, the submission form


Dalibor Baric online now

Mon Nov 01, 2010 00:00 - Mon Nov 01, 2010


For the whole month of November, Dalibor Baric (1974) shows five of his films on the Streaming Festival.

Dalibor Baric lives and work in Zagreb, Croatia. He makes short films out of ectoplasmic sensations enfolded in discarded, feeble snake skin of fashion magazines. A voyeur of reality, who uses film as a rearview mirror and reality as the ultimate public domain film.



Gökhan Okur on the Streaming Festival

Thu Jul 01, 2010 00:00 - Thu Jul 01, 2010

This months program is a collection of five animations made by artist Gökhan Okur.
Working mainly as an illustrator, Okur experimented by adding time to his illustrations. From these experiments the animations occurred.
His animation Last train ride was featured in our first edition of the festival in 2006. We’re proud to welcome him back with the première of his latest work: "Off the phone".



A journey through style and independent filmmaking

Tue Jun 01, 2010 00:00 - Tue Jun 01, 2010

This program - a reflection on today’s artists whose abilities allow them to integrate the cinematic process from writing to editing with stunning results.

From the outright eerie but captivating atmosphere and visual techniques of Ashleigh Nankivells' "Helping Johnny remember", via the collage of 8mm footage, letters and pictures that were used in the video-essay "Mimesis" to the powerful animated feature The return of John Frum with an equally powerful sound design, made by Christian Schlaeffer.

Meanwhile, Matt Frodsham and Mat Lloyds approach independent filmmaking differently by combining words and visuals to create a critical verse that will leave you thinking long after the last frame has passed in the film 2 Inches to the Right which was released a mere two weeks ago on 15 May 2010.

Lastly, immerse yourself in the richly awarded and critically acclaimed "Polish your shoes" by Sam Huntley - whose effective cinematic language brings this adventure into style and independent filmmaking back to its beginning.



The Video Potential of Experimental Sequential

Sat May 01, 2010 00:00 - Sat May 01, 2010

Watch video art online on the Streaming Festival.
The Streaming Festival is an art event for independent artists exhibiting unconventional audiovisual art from all over the world.

The May 2010 program has been curated by Ryan Seslow. The works exhibited feature an array styles and techniques of both established and emerging artists.


The Video Potential of Experimental Sequential program
The program emphasizes the medium of digital video and computer based editing software as a means of expression and communication.
The purpose of this exhibition is to survey, inspire, expose, and raise the awareness of motion related art through the medium of video.
The works have been composed to watch in a chronological order. The order itself promotes the creative potential of each viewer, thus forcing them into taking inspired action.