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Music composer. Film maker. Music video director. Digital artist. Social media specialist. Web usability analyst. Pacifist.
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Sibling Topics (section a) (2009) and K-CoreaINC.K (section a) (2009) - Ryan Trecartin

I'm a huge fan of Ryan Trecartin and Twitter links to his videos on YouTube and articles on Artforum. Love the color and sound dynamics plus the great use and misuse of video editor transition and art distortion effects.


General Web Content

I once saw an ad for paperclips in an office supply catalog. It was funny seeing how the copywriter had to struggle with saying something unique and compelling about a lowly non-descript paper clip. On and on he eulogized, praising and accolading the bent and twisted wire that held paper stacks insurgently together, against their will, with ruthless intent and supple skill.


Music Videos for Abandoned Art Galleries

In a recent issue of Artforum, video artists whined that the average person, with magical user-generated content, is collectively, in online social media, usurping the fields of film experimentation, cultural deconstruction, and art rebellion.

At issue: the music video, art film, visual media installation.

Collage. Cut up. Repetition. Pop iconography. Anti-consumerism. Malfunction. Noncommercial intent. Copy and paste. Mix and mash. Absurdity. Anarchy. Mundane/sublime. Default settings for anti-art.

What used to be avant garde provinces and techniques are now overtaken by the unwashed masses, doing it because they're bored, not even intending to produce art or innovation.

Shall we weep and mourn our loss of privilege and power?

Shall we give up and say there are no more video frontiers, thanks to YouTube?

When did artists suddenly begin to lag behind the fans, and whose fault is this, if it indeed be true? What lament is going to turn things around for us? Or do we need action?

Sonic Notice: If you make computer/electronic music, and also music videos, even what are known as installations and multi media minstrel tra la las, then...

I'd like to look at and listen to (see and hear) what you're doing.

The "read" in this "thread" is this: my eyes and ears are tuned into you if you know what I almost mean.

Dada is the official artform of anarchy. Only extreme art is real. Imitation is lost and forgotten before it begins to exist. Xenakis: "I exist only when doing something new."

Ping me.



All man-made things are necessarily artificial, like music. Natural painting is a sunset or galaxies colliding. All else is fake. All art is fake. All writing is false. All thought is hair spray. All hair is phony. All alls are bad. All this is making me thirsty for 12 more cups of coffee. Keep making digital thingamajigs and post them to the web and DESTROY the Mainstream Interslavement System. Down with celebrity. Rise of You and Me.