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I am a meta-artist, and a conclusivist, who likes to send messages to receivers of messages. The message is art. The message is clear. And also its myspace play game youtube game cheats for ps2 baby boy names proxy https youporn girls music lyrics free radio stations facebook craigslist free lady sonia funny videos paris hilton hurricane flossie dictionary jose offerman walmart pictures of cats local newspaper hot west nile fever symptoms mattel recall mary louise parker and even more...

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Re: Art Basel Miami Beach events

Sounds great. Wish I could go. Have fun! And don't forget to wear really tight t-shirts and show off as many muscles as possible. Maybe even get a fake tan. That's hip down there and might help to promote the art...and buy some designer flip-flops too. I was born and raised Miami/Lauderdale, so I hereby have the right to poke fun! But don't get me wrong, its great down there, I'm just jealous. Are they many peoples on rhizome who live down in them there parts?


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Re: call for work (text/installation/visual art) - vague terrain 05 minimalism

Awe. Some.
-Stevie Read

Greg Smith wrote:

> vague terrain 05: minimalism
> The German Architect Mies van der Rohe�s adage �less is more� has
> echoed
> throughout the decades and minimalism has held steadfast, as both a
> trope and working methodology. If we look to fine art as a testing
> grounds, we could read the starkness of minimalism in the 60�s and
> 70�s
> as a reaction to abstract expressionism, or perhaps a meditative
> withdrawal from the political turmoil of the era. How do we read
> minimalism in digital art?
> The desire to reduce is almost counterintuitive in light of
> increasingly
> sophisticated tools and technologies, yet this strategy is profoundly
> effective. Traces of minimalism can be read in numerous domains: from
> contemporary minimal music, low-resolution visual culture, and in
> many
> contemporary installation projects. Vague Terrain 05: minimalism will
> serve as a catalog of this work, probing and defining this discourse
> across multiple mediums.
> What we are looking for:
> Writing, installation, or digital art which resonates with the
> discourse
> outlined in the synopsis above.
> We do not have an open call for audio submissions for this particular
> issue.
> More information is available at
> Deadlines:
> Please contact us expressing interest in participating by October
> 28th.
> Work will need to be submitted by November 19th.
> Work will be published online in mid December.
> Submission information is available at
> Contact:
> Please send a short statement of interest to
> with pertinent images and URLs.
> For more information on our digital arts quarterly please see
> Greg Smith
> --
> greg smith
> 416.877.4281


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Community

Whether fool or genius, bring it on! Now is a good time to get community suggestions in. Although there have already been some good ones. Is the plate full yet?

Didn't this thread start from someone who is doing a paper about online 'community'? How is that research going? :)

Steve Read


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Community

I do think this is a great idea. But I also feel that in addition to that possibility, people out here are calling for something a little more aggressive. Adding a new feature to the commissions cycle, means the final product won't be available until the end of 2007. Right? That's a step, but perhaps some other projects can be accomplished in parallel. The Art Base modules/fixes for instance...
Steven Read

Lauren Cornell wrote:

> Eric,
> A couple emails back I mentioned that we were interested in exploring
> this
> idea:
> > "Rhizome Commissions are looking for interactive new media works
> that
> > enable the Rhizome community to interact, communicate and otherwise
> > get involved in the online community."
> It seems like it could be a productive way for people to shape, or
> suggest ways to shape, the Rhizome community. However, given the
> resources
> for this program and for Rhizome in general, it should be offered as
> one
> commission -- not all eleven. It could also make sense that this is
> the
> commission that receives the member vote -- and Rhizome, like a
> commissioned artist, has a year to execute it...
> Thanks.
> Lauren