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I am a meta-artist, and a conclusivist, who likes to send messages to receivers of messages. The message is art. The message is clear. And also its myspace play game youtube game cheats for ps2 baby boy names proxy https youporn girls music lyrics free radio stations facebook craigslist free lady sonia funny videos paris hilton hurricane flossie dictionary jose offerman walmart pictures of cats local newspaper hot west nile fever symptoms mattel recall mary louise parker and even more...

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Boston bomb-terrorism-art-marketing scare

Great thoughts on this whole ridiculous scene. I'm curious, so these 2 'artist' guys didn't actually invent or manufacture the boards? They only installed them? Is that a moot point?
Yes, GRL has been ripped! Hurry, let's arrest them too! In fact, arrest anyone involved who has dreads...those in suits are surely innocent.
Stephe R


Re: Re: Re: Re: Boston bomb-terrorism-art-marketing scare

Here my cents. This is a bizarre case in all directions. These guys seem like 'artists', but they were hired by a marketing firm for their corporate client to advertise corporate products. This is the work of the axis of evil, not artists. Its messed up because they are using a method which simulates artistic production. But the media and police has so far blamed them (the 2 'artists'), instead of blaming the marketing company or corporate client. This is maybe because they look like 'artists'. The 'artists' seem to both want and not want credit, for obvious reasons. From what I heard, the marketing company and corporate client told the 'artists' to stay on the down-low when the shit hit the fan. It was clearly those higher entities which made it get worse. Yet do we see arrests of anyone besides the 'artists'? We will I hope... I say let the 'artists' go free, but don't let them become heroes because they acted on the side of the 'bad guys' in my opinion.

I both dislike and like these 'artists' in this case. I like the work they made. But I dislike the fact that it was made for corporate marketing purposes, and disguised as 'street art'. Its not street art, its illegal corporate garbage. Don't get me wrong, I love the cartoon but I don't need to see advertisements about it like this. I dislike their installation choices, using targets that imply terrorism. Who's idea was that I wonder? I of course also dislike the media and the law in this so far, idiots, but then again I think their confusion is natural because I too am confused. But I love the fact that its all happening and its all blurred together.

Steven Read


Re: what is arcadia?

Arcadia is a little town in Florida. When I was a kid, someone told me that the town was filled with hundreds of arcades. Video Game Arcades, that is. I believed them. I was convinced the town was a mecca for it. I dreamed about it, and then someone told me it was not true. Such is life.


Re: Re: Only The beginning, Only just the start

Eric I thought you were quitting rhizome or something like that? You aren't supposed to be here. I am pissed off. This is bullshit. Its an outrage. I'm submitting this situation to your new site immediately...


Re: Artbase

Yes, congrats and thanks to all involved in getting lots of new art-base pieces moving through the system!

Mewwy Kwistmase!!!
Steve OR Stevie Read