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I am a meta-artist, and a conclusivist, who likes to send messages to receivers of messages. The message is art. The message is clear. And also its myspace play game youtube game cheats for ps2 baby boy names proxy https youporn girls music lyrics free radio stations facebook craigslist free lady sonia funny videos paris hilton hurricane flossie dictionary jose offerman walmart pictures of cats local newspaper hot west nile fever symptoms mattel recall mary louise parker and even more...

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Re: Re: Re: on painting and new media

Interesting stuff. Perhaps the differences that I have been seeing depend only upon whom is consuming the different materials. People who want to have art for their home, tend to value painting. People who want only to see (not necessarily shop for) new art forms tend to value technology art. This may be a gross oversimplification, but so be it.

I myself do both, in a back and forth manner. I have no problem selling the paintings to collectors. But the art establishment (curators, critics) keeps telling me how my painting "just isn't there yet". I love that statement. They mostly ignore it. These same critical folks rave about my technology work and give me decent press. But I can't sell a piece of technology art to save my life. Very confusing, but I stopped caring a while ago and just continue to do both.

This may not be relevant to your conversation, but maybe it is. Also, these experiences only relate to a local level (my city and state).

Steven Read


its "speaker day" on vvork
Have they 'invented' a new type of curation method? Or is this anti-curation? Maybe self-organized curation? Or curation via streams? Part of what I like about vvork is the lack of information given about vvork itself. Its just art. Yet clearly there is something more at 'work' here...
Oh crap, they forgot the giant Tom Sachs Nutsy’s speaker stack!
Stephen Reed


Re: Re: KDM100 -- T.Whid needs your help

I voted for M.River() on all songs, except for one.
Stephen Reid


Re: Re: Re: Re: Steve or Stephen Read gives birth

This is my first time having a baby brother. It all started with this terrible swelling in my head. The swelling got bigger and bigger, and then all of a sudden it began to descend downward, through my neck and esophagus, into my stomach eventually. There the swelling grew for years, larger and larger, like a pregnancy, until finally by searching on google I came to realize it might be a person inside of me. How eerie, since I am a man. The newest google search engine was able to see right into my body like an ultrasound, indexing my stomach, ass, and all, and so the search results led me to believe this was a twin brother inside me. He was like a parasite brother though, stealing all my food. I was pissed, so I went to the doctor and got him taken out right away. Now my brother (Stephen Reid) is my art slave and he sits at my computer all day writing code for me. In fact, he is right now writing this post as an assignment. It will take him years to work off the money from all the food and beer he stole from me. I've been very busy lately doing interviews with people like Oprah, Terry Gross, and Madeline Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh's twin sister). Its been a wild ride!

Steven Read


Re: Steve or Stephen Read gives birth

Holy Jesus! My stomach still hurts.