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I have a BS in Biocehmistry and BA in Art with a concentration in Printmaking. Recently I have become interested in digital media. When I get a webpage done I will post the info
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Re: more on Steve Kurtz

Giggle, this is the problem with americanas being so
stupid and not having basic biological knowledge.
I mean anyone with any knowledge of biology and read
the case would find such an assertion.

I'm sorry I am bilogist by training and if this wasn't so dangerous
a situation with regard to someone's rights it would be
laughable. I mean all these task forces on this that and
the other thing >should< know what are dqngerous biological
agents and what aren't I mean yeasst is a biological agent
for heaven's sake and bnrewing is an act of culturing that
agent to get active chemicals out of it!

Gasp! I used to think that people on the well prided themselves
as being intelligent, thoughtful and reasonable. Now I see they
can be just as stupid and lacking in basic science knowledge
as the rest of the good ole USA with its fine tradition of
snti-intellectualism. Unless it is muttered from some TV actress
with nice legs who is playing a coroner or something.

This is the big problem we have had our lives turned over
to stupid people who don't know what they are doing or
how to think clearly and evaluate anything. Bacteria don't
usually cause cardiac arrest! But here we another case of
people being inthe mode of "I have made up my mind don't
confuse me with the facts".

Are the Buffalo police just stupid? Is the Joint Terrorism
Task Force stupid? SOunds like it to me! There is a bloody
university there that this poor guy is at, that has a biology
department, which should have a microbiologist there would
could tell you what is dangerous and what isn't. In fact there
should be 100 in 100km of Buffalo who should be able to be
consulted and give one a pretty good idea what is dangerous and
what isn't. And that is the real questions because we share
the planet with many billions of bacteria and "biological agents"
some of which are essential for survival.

The question is not whether people 1960s, 1970s or 1980s or
2000 era radicals, the question is whether they were up to
dangerous things with dangerous microbial critters. The critter
in this case is Serratia Marcencens which hardly gets near
pathogenic (able to make you sick for the uniformed who don't
like words with too many letters!; If you want to see a list
of nasty critters, here is a reasonable one:

I sincerly hope that someone will make these stupid anti-terrorism
people look stupid and make them the laughingstock they so
surely deserve. If they were intelligent, knew what they were
talking about or had real information then I might be tempted
to think of them as better than armed, stupid dangerous people,
who have nothing better to do then make the lives of freedom
loving americans miserable because they actually exercised some
of that wonderful freedoms we are always told we have brave twenty year
olds somewhere in the world fighting and dying to preserve.

Have Fun,
Sends Steve

P.S. Gack! I am sorry to be some flaming, but it really does
get irritating. This is much worse than Officer O. who is a
hardcore Christian in Ohio who stops kids and questions about
witchcraft, this is something that deals with our basic rights
to live and express ourselves freely.

> Here are some contrasting reactions to the Kurtz case...
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> Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2004 13:26:28 -0400 (EDT)
> From:
> Subject: Re: disturbing story
> *I heard it. That sure is one top-notch Scandal
> in Bohemia. I don't know the guy. Do you know him?
> *What if he poisoned his spouse? That's not exactly
> unheard-of activity, in the art world or anywhere else.
> In fact, whenever a woman's found dead, the cops
> generally make a beeline for the husband or boyfriend.
> The charge is pretty weird, but the suspicion isn't.
> Bruce S
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> thread: nettime date: 2004-06-03
> from: time: 09:42:38
> subject: <nettime> TACTICAL OUTRAGE
> There has been a staggering amount of email exchange
> about the Steve Kurtz case on a wide variety of
> list-serves in the past two weeks and it is highly
> unlikely that anyone in the artistic communities
> receiving these messages agrees with the FBI.
> Letters from individuals denouncing the FBI moves
> would best be
> directed at public officials, law enforcement and the
> media, rather than continuing to preach to the
> converted.
> It is a bit surprising that so many seem to
> believe that the FBI really thinks CAE broke a law -
> the history of repression of 60s "radicals"
> demonstrates that law enforcement can and does work to
> concoct illegality when a climate of fear and the
> criminalization of dissent is the ultimate goal. The
> demonizing of biotech artists in the present is the
> equivalent of the crackdown on white student radicals
> of the late 60s. The FBI then like now worked with
> other branches of government, from the CIA to the IRS,
> generate wide reaching campaigns against leftists
> it is strategically more effective to look at the big
> picture rather than treating Kurtz like a single
> martyr.
> Several people have already raised the important point
> that the Kurtz case is only one of many many instances
> of unwarranted and excessive repression by law
> enforcement targetting intellectuals, artists,
> activists and journalists. I join them in expressing
> hope that all the artists who are concerned about
> CAEs current travails demonstrate equal concern for
> the other "cultural interventionists" in the US and
> abroad who have suffered even greater and more
> systematic repression and who do not have the same
> degree of access to the media, famous lawyers or
> supporters with money to contribute to their defense.
> I hope I never have to post another story on nettime
> about artists and activists in Latin America, for
> example, who are getting shot at, arrested, jailed
> without trial,or otherwise mistreated ALL THE TIME
> only to have those reports garner no other response
> than a dry comment on how multinational corporations
> are more violent that right wing populist regimes or
> what have you.
> Numerous other stories have been circulating about the
> recent arrest of Animal Rights activists in New Jersey
> on terrorism charges, about the arrest and torture of
> anti-globalization activists in Guadalajara, about the
> brutal treatment of Arab journalists working for NBC
> in Iraq at the hands of US soldiers, and about
> the unprompted arrival of undercover cops in yellow
> cabs to the "Majority Whipped" opening at White Box
> Gallery in NYC last month to shut down an event
> designed as a warm up for the Republican National
> Convention. "Art veterans" of battles with the US
> government during the culture wars of the early 90s
> will recall that the fetishizing of Mapplethorpe and
> Serrano turned out to be a very stupid move -- because
> it left the rest of the arts community completely
> vulnerable to the repercussions of those highly
> publicized skirmishes. As a result of those
> individualistically oriented tactics, we now live in
> an artworld that has completely introjected and
> naturalized the conservative cultural views of the
> backlash against institutional critique, civil rights
> inspired interrogations of gender,class and race, and
> all forms of art that addresses the social.
> Learn from the past so as not to repeat it.
> Coco Fusco
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