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Works in Elsternwick, Virgin Islands Australia

Steve Danzig is an Australian artist working in digital media. He is the founder and Executive Director for the International Digital Art Awards (IDAA); 2004 Grants Assessor National Association for the Visual Arts (NAVA); Founder Australian Digital Art Association, Board Member Digital Academy University of North Carolina Pembroke, Member Academy for Electronic Arts-New Delhi, India.
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Digital Art Awards

International Digital Art Update:

Next 2004 IDAA hardcopy exhibition opens 03 June 2004 6pm to 8pm at: QUT Art Museum Brisbane Australia.

Steve Danzig, Director for the IDAA will present a public lecture about the IDAA and digital art on Thursday June 3 at 12.15pm at QUT Art Museum. On Saturday June 5, from 10am-12noon, he will conduct a teacher’s enrichment morning, $10.00, bookings essential, phone +617 3864 5370.

2005 IDAA call for participation announced July 2004.

GAG (Guest Artist's Gallery)
2 new artists have been added to GAG

Leah king-Smith:
Is a leading Indigenous Australian artist working in photo-media. Her latest work uses digital technology to re-work fragments from the La Trobe Library’s 19th Century picture collection (from which her acclaimed 1992 Patterns of Connection series was derived).  In these large works on paper, King-Smith has fused processes of drawing and photography to create composite images from the material world and the institutional archive.

David Harley:
Fill ... An ephemeral wall paper filled space.
001 & 002 image files
003 to 007 installation files
This is an exhibition of wall sized ink-jet prints. It is one of a series of environments of wall prints made by the visual artist David Harley. He is a leading Australian artist working in digital media - exhibitions include National Gallery of Victoria and other major international institutions .

Laurence Gartel Retrospective - 30 Years of Digital Art
Opening June 5, 2004.

steve danizg


International Digital Art Awards

Next IDAA exhibition opens 04 June - 04 August 2004 QUT Art Museum Brisbane, VCA Gallery University Of Melbourne August 23 - 15 September 2004 Australia

ENKI for flute, live electronics and digital audio was composed by Professor David Sudmalis for the opening of the 2004 International Digital Art Awards at the Academy of the Arts, University of Tasmania. The piece explores the manipulation of flute sounds in both sonic and spatialized contexts using modern techniques including digital technologies. The first performance of the work was given by Daynor Missingham. It will travel with the IDAA touring exhibition.

You can see this performance in the press room and all the images from the 2004 IDAA online at

Steve Danzig will be appearing at PICA Sydney Entertainment Centre for Koinca-Minolta Friday 21 may 2004. New images from his Anthropo series will be on exhibition at PICA - online at



2003 NEW MEDIA....

You only have 10 DAYS (30 November) before the 2003 International
Digital Art Awards (IDAA) entry deadline.

Entry is FREE!

Details are online for both print and New Media exhibitions at

If you are entering New Media... all you need do is submit your URL -
if accepted we will link directly to you - enquiries to the Director

The IDAA is sponsored by
Epson Australia
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Re: Fwd: RHIZOME_RAW: Keep the discussion to art

Karei... thanks for your dedication although I'm a little bemused by
your follow-up.

My original post referred to a general frustration of receiving so
many unwanted email from the list.... I have since fixed this problem.

Why you need to take it personally and write back attempting to
belittle my character seems to be a knee-jerk reaction as well as you
having way too much time on your hands .... I mean who really cares!

I guess everyone's opinion is valid to a point.... when I read your
posts I keep thinking of the phrase, "Get a life!" for some strange

>On Sat, 12 Oct 2002, steve danzig wrote:
>> GEEE that's TELLING me ...Karei
> No, it isn't. Your knee-jerk interpretation is irrelevant.
> Dontcha think that there's better ways of controlling you
> than 'telling you' luv--if one were interested in such matters.
> Hands up! You got me there!
>> OK I promise to do better next time
> As if.
>> ....I really do.... and if I
>> don't, you just get in there and put me back in my place..... LSHICHB!
> I certainly would, luv.
>`, . ` `k a r e i' ? ' D42



Re: Fwd: RHIZOME_RAW: Keep the discussion to art

GEEE that's TELLING me ...Karei

OK I promise to do better next time ....I really do.... and if I
don't, you just get in there and put me back in my place..... LSHICHB!

>On Fri, 11 Oct 2002, steve danzig wrote:
>> I have to agree with Wayne's sentiment - This is supposed to be a
>> moderated list - but it seems anything can get thru.
> Er?? This is supposed to be a moderated list?
>> I think a general forum like the NYT's would be more appropriate.
> You can't think. And you're not thinking. You're only knee-jerking
> in a control-freak manner because you're pissy about your mailbox.
>> At least that way people who have joined this list are not subjected
> Oh right. You are now 'people'.
>> to the 100 or so emails you
> People. You. Typical narcissitic infantile idiocy.
> Appropriating voices of others.
>> end up deleting every freakin 30 mins.
> I dunno. I don't end up deleting 100 mails every freakin 30 mins.
> talk about yourself.
>> But then again who I am I to suggest such a thing!
> Oh right! Throw in a pitch of faux-humility--you'll make yourself
> more victim-like and likable so people will feel sorry for ya--
> bla bla, pity extortion.
> Funny that someone so mentally, sexually and emotionally immature as
> you--which precludes creation of art consciously (though note I did not
> say one should give up trying necessarily)--attempts to 'dictate'.
>`, . ` `k a r e i' ? ' D42