Stephen Surlin
Since 2009
Works in Windsor Canada

My primary artistic practice is currently focused on Digital, Online, Networking Culture. I am exploring the functions, abilities and aesthetics of these new media. I find, because most of my work is processed based, there is a great amount of learning and experience that comes along with delving into these new mediums. I am an audio engineer, a musician and a DJ. Therefore trying to engage with others through heavily mediated and conceptual based projects, occasionally done through collaboration, allows me to grow and be critical with others. I also have an interest in the potential to "hack" or manipulate the "online" world using many types of code and plug-ins. Maybe because of the DJ in me, I am very attracted to the re-appropriative and deconstructivist methods of "Remix Culture" which I hope to spread into mediums and practices other than music.
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We Are The Smash Bros: Conceptual Online Intervention

The Smash Bros., Noam Chompsky and Shy Guy, are here to tell you about the life that revolves around video games, Nintendo games to be exact. They will expose to the existential perils of a life lived in a repetetive life without end, one where fate is determined by the code that created you; A life you may find in Mario Bros. and the peril and pratfalls of the tragic plumbers. Then they move on to some intense electro remixes of Yoshi's Island and the curious sounds that come with it, or a hard techno mix of the intro music to Star Fox 64. Feel the passion in the lyrics and music of these two storytellers, who's muse is the controller, the console and the game over.

This is a conceptual performance piece being done by me and my brother. Tell me what you think, check out my bio and statement for more background on me and my practice.


We Are The Smash Bros.

Wed Dec 31, 1969 00:00 - Wed Dec 02, 2009


I have begun a project where I have created an online musical personae group. It is an experiment in the processes, potential for connection and expression of an ongoing online intervention. I am an audio engineer, a musician and a DJ. So I am exploring the potentials of 'Remix Culture' and Hacktivist ideologies to see what kind of responses I can get through my: Myspace, Twitter, Wrodpress, Delicious, Flickr, Bandcamp, Purevolume, Facebook and YouTube accounts.