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The Nihilists

Sat Jul 16, 2011 20:00 - Sat Jul 16, 2011

Abergavenny, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

A one day visual art event, with a sound performance by Team Sports.

The Nihilists is a series of outdoor installations by Stefhan Caddick, temporarily located on the Sugar Loaf mountain near Abergavenny, South Wales (UK). The installations generate electricity in order to illuminate their futility.

Team Sports (Matthew Lovett, Jimmy Ottley & Ian Watson) is a sound performance that explores the relationship between a musician and their surroundings. Using the physical environment as a musical score, the group respond to sounds, visual stimuli, and other environmental occurrences to create a piece that engages with all aspects of the sound continuum.

For more information, directions, a map and cancellation in the event of heavy rain, please visit the website:​k/the-nihilists

For information about Team Sports visit: http://matthewlovett.wordp​


Storyboard - Variable Message Sign Project

Thu Oct 27, 2005 00:00 - Mon Oct 24, 2005

Storyboard will provide an opportunity for members of the public to post messages to a mobile Variable Message Sign using a mobile phone. The sign will be located on Hayes Island, Cardiff, UK. The sign will be active between 10am and 11pm on 28th, 29th and 30th October.

To post a message send a text to: (+44)7929 461727

Messages are limited to 144 characters in length.

The intention for the project is to encourage members of the public to find a new use for Variable Message signs, most commonly used as traffic information displays. Instead of their usual role in relaying important but mundane traffic and road safety information the sign will carry text messages, which by their nature are often deeply personal.

The project has involved the development of a bespoke program by Chris Evans ( Chris has adapted open source software from Gnokii ( to create a program which interprets the information received from the public and then delivers it for presentation on the mobile VMS sign.

The VMS sign was provided by Leaderboard sports ( Thanks also to Cultural Enterprise ( for the loan of a laptop for the duration of the project.

Storyboard was originally commissioned by Gallery 39 ( Following the Festival, the work will move to the gallery for an exhibition in December.

Stefhan Caddick is a visual artist based in Wales. His work is often multidisciplinary, encompassing visual art, new media and elements of performance.

His work sometimes takes the form of manoeuvres; strategies or methodologies which result in an action, installation, or other form of presentation; recording a second of sound every minute for three hours in an attempt to produce a 7” single; or cycling 250 miles during a cold February in Wales, avoiding main roads and asking passers-by for hand-drawn directions. The position which Caddick takes within these manoeuvres is often that of the technician rather than the artist. He will adopt a methodology at the outset of the work and then carry out self-imposed instructions until the task is complete. As a result, the work is often as much an invitation to interrogate the methodology as the direct experience of the work in the gallery or online space.