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Join the contagious loop exibition!

Wed May 25, 2005 04:33

Help to push up "net art communication" on Eyebeams Contagious Media Showdown Contest. (until June 9th.)

Most of eyebeams contagious media contest is crap. There are even a lot of websites that count without contend.
Only a few Quicktime - Fun Projekts seem to count well. The current favorite is a website that promote quicktime movies on the theme: Crying while Eating...
Of course they are linked by technorati and perhaps itA


Access to the Artbase is closed for free Members!

So this is something rhizome should put on the top of information about new membership policy.
The strange thing is: I can´t even access or exibit my own artwork that i submitted when i was subscription member.
Anyway i think it´s a good idea to open rhizome again.
Best sim.