stefan doepner
Since 2004
Works in Ljubljana Slovenia

Doepner's focus lays on the artistic exploration of today's use, reception and rules of technology. To analyze and understand contemporary systems and techniques and specially technology as a system which marks tremendously our daily life, he acquires the method of reinvention. He believes it is necessary to deconstruct and rebuild (in a literal sense) contemporary systems and techniques which mark our daily life with ones own means and in our own way. His reinventions take the shape of building his own technological tools which are often developed in a close collaboration with people operating in various fields, as well of building/constructing poetic situations in which our daily routine as a type of machinery is interrupted. In his work Doepner tries to profane the technological glorification and to grasp the relations of society, technology, sound, science and every day life through meditation on and mediation of artistic approached technologic visions.