I am interested in art, communication and technology, particularly in the new media art and digital processes and it's documentation. My approach to the research work is multidisciplinary, intercultural and technical. Innovation in research is my criteria. I have a high degree in philosophy and a post-graduate degree in Communications Law (copyright, etc.) at University of Coimbra, Portugal; also, a post degree in Portuguese Contemporary Culture (...); I'm master in Communication Sciences, Contemporary Culture and Technology, and I am conducting my Ph.D in the same research area at the University Nova of Lisbon, Portugal; and also presenting lectures in my field of research, particularly in semiotics of visual art, art and queerness, art and activism, new-media art, experimental art, Fluxus art, and documentation of ephemeral art; professionally, I do presentations about the artists artwork at exhibitions, galleries, museums, catalogues, paper's, etc.; some of those articles are published.
Critical theory; art and copyright; project manager; communication; semiotics; gender art; action-art; intertextual art; performance-art; post-war arts; new-media art; etc.