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Thu Nov 29, 2007 00:00 - Tue Jun 05, 2007

Contemporary Istanbul, amongst the youngest art fairs in the world and already established as one of the most promising in the region, prepares to welcome an even greater crowd of art lovers in 2007. Following the successful debut of 2006, Contemporary Istanbul expands to host more institutions in late November, at the height of the region's arts market.

Contemporary Istanbul 2007 edition, scheduled to run on November 29-December 2, will build on the success of the past year. Planning to attract dozens more exhibitors, coming from the eastern and the southern parts of the globe as much as the northern and the western, CI'07 will also host a wider range of events, letting the visitors enjoy roundtable talks, performance art, and musical nights alongside the various forms of contemporary arts on display.

Istanbul, a teeming hub of cultural activity and long a symbol of a union of the East and the West, sets both the backdrop and the inspiration to Contemporary Istanbul. CI's central location in the heart of Istanbul is ideal for enjoying the city along with the art.

Contemporary Istanbul, with its evolving format, continues to be a rewarding experience for artists, critics, galleries, collectors, curators, and the occasional art buyers, alike.


Contemporary Istanbul International Art Fair 2006

Wed Dec 20, 2006 00:00 - Thu Sep 28, 2006

Contemporary Istanbul, Turkey’s and the region’s premier modern and contemporary art fair, will take place on December 20-24, 2006. More than 60 galleries from all over the world will show paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs and digital art by more than 300 international and Turkish artists at the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center, located in the heart of this magnificent city.

Contemporary Istanbul is expected to attract more than fifty thousand visitors who have been loyally waiting for this annual event. Hundreds of art critics, local and international members of the media, and curators will also make their way to the modern halls of Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Center this December, to review the works by emerging artists and the masters of 20th and 21st century art.

The mystical city of Istanbul sets the perfect backdrop for an international contemporary art fair. Art lovers and collectors from all over the world, and especially from the region will visit Istanbul for the fair. This year’s dates coincide with the Christmas Holiday, which makes a trip to this fascinating city of all faiths more attractive than ever.

Each evening will also be filled with special musical events, ranging from classical music recitals to jazz concerts. A special awards ceremony Gala Night will take place on December, 23 in the main conference auditorium of the Center.

Contemporary Istanbul, in its brand new format, will continue to be an extremely rewarding experience for the artists, galleries, collectors, and occasional art buyers, alike. Please join us in Istanbul this December.

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