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Since 2004
Works in Birmingham United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

I'm from UK and I'm a long-term member of

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Collaborated with Babel on "creyer faltics" on and wrote a web-poem based on the said web work. Current collaborations with who does excellent "pop-text-image" art-forms.

Oh! I used to write "traditional" poetry and I am published in Coe Review (US) and shortlisted and published in Writers' Brew.

My interests are
- dancing (jazz,ballet,contemporary, street and anything else they let me have a go at)
-Text and its experimental development on the Internet/computers/advertising
- Images;video,film,photographic,painting,etc. etc.
- Music - I like minimalism, jazz and any funky pop/dance music. I play a mean guitar!

I am often known as Crescent on the internet.
I seem to walk a lot.although i getsa into cricket recently. It's a slow process
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Re: Visual Rhizome

Aaron Siegel wrote:

> My current work follows the ideals of presenting unbiased information
> in a format that is easy for visual deconstruction and understanding.
> I aim to achieve an overlapping relationship with aesthetic
> representations of data and scientific empiricism. My work strives to
> display relationships and correlations within information systems that
> would remain unseen from any other perspective.
> In contrast to many information technology artworks that attempt to
> transform data into purely visually aesthetic pieces, I strive to
> create design systems that transpose information into temporal forms
> specifically for the purpose of dovetailing cognition into a visual
> task. The decentralized natures of the systems I create allow them to
> take on a visual representation in an emerging manner that truly
> reflects the structure of the data they represent.
> The projects I produce also deal with issues of interaction design
> with information systems and their affect on the cognitive response of
> the viewers. This involves procuring publicly available data sets and
> re-inventing their display to promote readability and simplicity. I
> find something interesting about the somewhat covert re-arrangement
> and display of information, since it places the control over
> interaction on the clients side rather than relying on someone else's
> interface.
> Most of my work surrounds the idea of improving human/information
> interface. Many people have negative reactions towards technology and
> information because of their experiences with poorly designed
> interfaces. A negative experience with an information interface most
> often results in frustration, anxiety, and confusion. A positive
> experience most often results in intuitive interaction, heightened
> understanding of the subject, and even leads to further investigation.
> By improving the interface, the experience of the interaction is
> improved along with it. Life is comprised of experiences, positive and
> negative, and by improving one experience at a time life can be made a
> little better.

Is this an art-work in its self or is it just a way of helping people to access Rhizome?
I am very unclear about this. If this is an art-work, then how does it differ from a web page that helps people to access a website? If there is no difference, then how would you support the idea that it is a work of art?
If this is about perception, then why bother to create a stimulus to perception, when there are objects/subjects all over the place that people can perceive/misperceive? Maybe this illustrates "postmodern" ideas about "pointlessness" and "nothingness"??



Re: Media art in the focus of gender criticism : 37 theses

beate zurwehme wrote:

> 1.Initial considerations: How is femaleness in the media art
> represented? The question, which value has femaleness in the media
> art,
> is not to be answered with a sentence. Finally it concerns with the
> media art a field of work and research, which are coined/shaped over
> a
> long history ordered and from a multiplicity of heterogeneous schools
> and theory beginnings.


Re: Re:

kristina maskarin wrote:

> Is Noise still noice depending on the form/ state?
> Are we talking about form aestethics here, or deciding on forms?
> Sure, each state has its values/ rules and beauty.
> Chaos as a value free mode form ( not value-less!) is just another
> state.
> The question is not if water is still water if frozen, but what you
> want to do with it. And thats more scientific than artiful. Or?

Hi Kristina

Is this 404 website as in "Jodi" or is it 404 as in 391.ORG??