silvia maglioni
Since 2008
Works in Paris France

After completing a PhD on Nomadism, Silvia Maglioni was lucky to get out alive from the fast-crumbling halls of academe and now all she wants to do is to rollerblade along Venice Beach while listening to Nico’s "The Marble Index" and reading Adorno’s "Minima Moralia".

However, since founding with Graeme Thomson TERMINAL BEACH - a shifting zone of indeterminacy, a state of mind, a constructivist space for critical and creative reflection and production, exploring possible new configurations of image, sound, text, politics and spectatorship (2005) - they have made together films and photo-essays, art-radio shows, sound and videoinstallations, eventworks, exhibitions, performances, workshops and editorial projects across both institutional and autonomous contexts, and occasionally worked in alliance with other collectives - recently AND AND AND (dOCUMENTA (13)), 16beaver (New York), The Otolith Group (London), Collectif Jeune Cinéma (Paris).

"Facs of Life", their first feature film, draws on encounters with a number of former students of Gilles Deleuze, navigating between the terrains of documentary, fiction, essay and video art to explore aspects of Deleuze's philosophical legacy. The film received its world premiere at FID-Marseille 2009, and has since been shown at numerous international festivals and art spaces including BAFICI, JIHLAVA, Il Vento del Cinema, Lucca Film Festival, Ludwig Museum, TATE Britain-Turner Prize Exhibition/The Image in Question, Fundação Clovis Salgado, SERRALVES, Anthology Film Archives.

Redeploying elements of Facs of Life and its research archive, the duo have also created a series of solo shows exploring the idea of 'exploded' cinema: "Inarchivé", a dispersion of the film's components around the city of Marseille (Les Instants Vidéo in association with FID, La Compagnie Gallery and Histoire de l'Oeil Art Space), "blown up ! à la recherche des élèves de Gilles Deleuze", an eventwork combining multimedia installation, dance, sound art, performance, lectures, screenings and discussions in a live spatial montage (Mains d’Oeuvres Interdisciplinary Art Centre, Paris) and "twice torn from time", a four-screen installation of the film (UCSB Gallery, Santa Barbara).

Together with "Through the Letterbox", a high-definition refilming and reediting of the original video archive of Deleuze's seminar at Vincennes from 75-76, and "Wolkengestalt", considering September 11 and its aftermath through the prism of Goethe's meteorological diaries, their other films include "Ghosts of Chance", "The balade of Dèsastronaute #1", "Statues", a video-portrait of the American poet John Giorno, "Wound in the Eyes" and, most recently, the tube-tracts "Feeding Force" and "Trans Euro Express", drawing upon situationist strategies of détournement and the artisanal methodology of the ciné-tracts to hypothesize a deconstructivist use for contemporary viral media.

The duo are currently preparing a new feature film, "Girl from the Nouvelle Vague".

They are also working on a multi-form project, "UIQ film QUI manque", that takes as its starting point Félix Guattari's unmade science-fiction film "Un amour d'UIQ" (1980-1987), around whose script and archives Silvia maglioni & Graeme THomson have conceived a book, published by Editions Amsterdam (2012). "UIQ film QUI manque" is a project that turns around the central problematic of Guattari’s Infra-quark Universe – that of the “individuation” of a bodiless entity, seemingly without spatial or temporal limits. Applying this issue to the unmade film itself, the project envisages parrallel ways of “manifesting”, “producing” and “distributing” Un amour d’UIQ. As well as the publication, the project includes a series of performances (notably "UIQ: A SPACE ODDITY", Paris/ Los Angeles/ Zurich) and installations (recently DE3, collective exhibition "Plus ou moins Sorcières", Paris), a number of talks and seminars, a ghost radio trailer for Guattari's film (ARTE Radio) and an essay film, "In Search of UIQ".

Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson are also working on the collective project KAFKAMACHINE (2011-2013). A collaboration between Presque Ruines (Paris), UEINZZ Theatre Company (San Paolo) and Mollecular Organization (Helsinki), KAFKAMACHINE has been taking different forms and directions: a theatre play, a series of workshops and publications as well as several installations, sound works, performances and films (in progress).


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Sat Sep 19, 2009 00:00 - Wed Sep 02, 2009



Can a voice be seen? An image be read? A text projected?
For the new issue of the review ETOILEMENTS, the second edition of PRISME will explore the problematic rapport between voice and cinema, featuring a series of performances, readings, screenings, concerts and installations.

(WITH WORKS BY : Pierre Alféri, Anne Grèzes, Silvia Maglioni, Damien Marguet, Rodolphe Olcèse, Gabrielle Reiner, Marie Sochor, Graeme Thomson, Marc Ulrich, Verb**)

SATURDAY 19 SEPT 2009 /// from 6 pm till midnight
Mains d'OEuvres - 1 rue Charles Garnier - Saint-Ouen (PARIS)
M13 Garibaldi / M4 Porte de Clignancourt


facs of life

Mon Aug 10, 2009 00:00 - Fri Aug 07, 2009


MUSEUM LUDVIG, KOLN (Germany) h.20.30
FILMFORUM in association with CONNECTdeleuze

screening of

by Silvia Maglioni & Graeme Thomson (2009)
(un film entre Gilles Deleuze et ses élèves)

"Facs of Life" is a film of conceptual/poetic dispositifs that charts trajectories of those affected by Gilles Deleuze’s laboratory of machinic thought at the Centre Expérimental Universitaire de Paris 8 - Vincennes (1969-1980).
The film generates its lignes d’erre and its cinematographic territories from a series of encounters: with videos of Deleuze’s courses at Vincennes made by a group of militant cineastes; with several of those who attended the seminar and who appear in these images; with the woods of Vincennes where the university buildings (pulled down in 1980) once stood; with students of the new Paris 8 university at St Denis; and inevitably with the phantoms of revolution that continue to haunt our desires.

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