Since 2007

Shoshana Brand is a visual and media artist. She constantly locates herself in a creative zone,
producing sculpture, site-specific installation, public art and video art.
She grew up in Israel, and from 1989 she has been a resident of Los Angeles.
Brand has been attending academic institutions most of her life, both in Israel and in the U.S,
studying Fine Arts, Cinema, and Education. In 2003 she graduated with a MFA degree in
Sculpture from Claremont Graduate University, California, and in the last four years she has been
invited to create video installations and public art projects in China, Alaska, Canada and the
Czech Republic; and throughout the U.S including Los Angeles, San Diego, New York and
Nebraska City.
Shoshana has taught art to children and adults in many forums and has served as a curator for
several art shows. In 2006 she established a non- profit organization for the Arts, called
Contemporary MAP. Her most recent project is a 45-minute Documentary about the Antelope
Valley and its residents, to be screened and become a DVD in April 2008.

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call for video submissions

Thu Jan 25, 2007 00:57

In 2007 VVVF, Venturous Vanguard Video Festival, is celebrating its third year!
VVVF is curated by the artist Shoshana Brand and funded by Contemporary
MAP: Contemporary Modern Art Projects.
(The website will launch January 28).
In April, 28, 2007 VVVF will be screened in Mission College, in Sylmar, California, together with the 4th Annual Carless Drive-In Video Festival. It may also be presented in other locations throughout Los Angeles and outside of the U.S.
VVVF presents video shorts made by international artists.
In 2005 VVVF was also presented in Kunming and Shanghai, China.
The 2007 Festival theme is:
Laugh, Cry, Be Poetic, Get Crazy
for which all interpretations will be considered.

We are accepting short movies, 10 minutes max, from all over the world. Entries are juried. There is no entry fee!
Submission deadline: March 10, 2007. (postmark)
Selected movies will receive a VVVF Favorite Cash Award.
VVVF is accepting few experimental movies, longer than 10 minutes, for a special guest screening. ASK US ABOUT IT.
To obtain an entry form and guideline please email to