Seth Graham
Since 2005
Works in Menlo Park, California United States of America

I am living between San Francisco and New York these days working on a business model for the future. I have worked in the entertainment industry, music publicity field, and the legal world. In the future, I plan to integrate lessons learned in all three to help artists find their way to a fulfilling and lucrative career.

My friends and I are currently working on a model for a music management and publicity business that will utilize technology to promote musicians while protecting their legal interests in their music. There are other options than signing a record deal too early or releasing your music online for free. Primarily, as the digital "social spaces" we have come to enjoy are being increasingly commercialized, musicians, artists and others are unwillingly facilitating the commercial interests of others while sacrificing important rights in their artistic works. We are exploring other ways to facilitate the distribution and sales of music by bands, capitalizing on what technology allows, while avoiding the sacrifices many musicians have to make to give away their music for free for public exposure or sign with major labels without legal guidance. The end result of our efforts will make bands more marketable to labels, securing artists money from their works while achieving the advantages offered by digital distribution and publicity.

I've already held meetings with various industry professionals, music bloggers, online music publications, and musicians discussing the new digital marketplace and how the future is unfolding. I would love to talk with any additional musicians who'd like to share their own stories about what kind of help managers/lawyers could have provided them as they are/were starting out, what kind of assistance new bands need in terms of figuring out how best to publicize themselves, and what managers would do for them ideally as their careers take off.