Sergey Teterin
Since 2002
Works in Perm City Russian Federation

Sergey Teterin (b. 1969) - Russian media artist. He lives and works in the in the city of Perm, Urals region, Russia. I n the past, he was an organizer of "Read_Me 1.2" software art festival (2002, director) and "Machinista 2003/2004" media art festivals (director, curator) in Russia and Scotland; participated in a lot of media art exhibitions and festivals in Russia, Germany, Austria, UK, Yugoslavia, Denmark, Latvia.
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The Celebration of 100th Birthday of Clara Rockmore - New York

Fri Mar 18, 2011 18:30 - Fri Mar 18, 2011

New York, New York
United States of America

The Celebration of 100th Birthday of Clara Rockmore - world's greatest theremin virtuosa. Historical pictures of Clara, video demonstrations. Discussion: “Rockmore’s playing technique. Traditions, present, perspectives” with: Clara Rockmore Foundation, Members of Clara’s family, Albert Glinsky - author of "Theremin, Ether Music and Espionage", Olivia Mattis - the organizer of the First International Theremin Festival, Dorit Chrysler (NY), Lydia Kavina - LIVE ON LINE from Oxford, UK. Special guests from St. Petersburg (Vladimir Kitlyar and Sergey Teterin) and NY Theremin Society. Meet people and share memories, enjoy the music of Clara Rockmore.

Friday, March 18, 2011, 6:30 pm
New York City
RSVP, tel. 212 343 0104

Frants Gallery space 
The Nadia Reisenberg & Clara Rockmore Foundation
Lydia Kavina
Dorit Chrysler
Albert Glinsky


CYBERFEST comes to Russia for a fourth year

Fri Nov 19, 2010 00:00 - Fri Sep 24, 2010

Russian Federation


CYBERFEST, the annual exposition of technology-based artwork of international artists, comes to Russia for a fourth year. Housed previously in Peter and Paul Fortress (2007) and The Hermitage Museum (2008, 2009) among other local venues, CYBERFEST 2010 returns to St Petersburg November 19th to 26th, 2010.

CYBERFEST Co-Founders Anna Frants (of St Petersburg Arts Project) and Marina Koldobskaya (of National Center for Contemporary Art) take the curatorial helm again this year, joined by Sofia Kudrjavtseva and Sergey Teterin. The exhibition and programming this November will continue to offer a platform for the energy, experimentation, collaboration and interactive projects for which CYBERFEST has already become well known. A vastly universal and timely theme uniting all - this year's curatorial focus explores society's day-to-day life and routine practices in a growing technologically-driven culture.

An event that gains more attention exponentially every year, CYBERFEST has garnered a strong momentum in Eastern Europe. Internationally, word continues to spread of this event's prowess in bringing established and emerging New Media artists from across the globe to share work and progress ideas together.

CYBERFEST 2010 is poised to introduce its next group of diverse New Media thinkers to each other, to a widening audience, and to a city that continues its long history of being a home to artists and Art.

This year's full listings of participants, special performances, openings, and venues will be released in early October.

A unique, organic model for initiating cultural exchange and dialogue from artist-to-artist and art-to-audience, CYBERFEST is just one of the ways that CYLAND (the nonprofit organizing and presenting the event) fulfills their mission to support New Media. In addition to administering CYBERFEST, CYLAND also facilitates a Media Lab Residency Program and operates Russia's largest digital film archive - which is available online to the public for free.

CYBERFEST 2010 Board of Advisers: Olesya Turkina / The State Russian Museum, Dmitri Ozerkov / The State Hermitage, Peter Weibel / Internationally media art and scholar, Elena Selina / Director of XL Gallery


'220 V' in Berlin

Fri Jul 09, 2010 00:00 - Wed Jul 07, 2010

Exhibit: 220V
Venue: RSP
Artists: Anna Frants in collaboration with CYLAND MediaLab
& an installation by Ryan Wolfe

Curated by: Alexandra Rockelmann (galerieOPEN) and Leah Stuhltrager (Dam, Stuhltrager)

Dates: July 9 - Aug 14, 2010
Reception: July 15, 2010 (7pm - 10pm)

Special Event: “Humanizing Robots”
Artist: Daniil Frants in collaboration with KinderKunstWerkstatt and Kunstschule Weisestrasse

More info:


Performance KINO-GLAZ / KINO PRAVDA - DJ Spooky

Wed Nov 25, 2009 00:00 - Thu Nov 12, 2009

Russian Federation

Paul D. Miller / DJ Spooky
New York, USA. 2009

25th of November, 6.00 PM
at Hermitage Theater, Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA

With his remix of “Kino-Glaz/Kino-Pravda” of Dziga Vertov, DJ Spooky wants to engage the 21st century fascination with realism and synthesis from archival resources and make a connection with some of the historical concepts that Vertov pioneered. DJ has re-scored and re-mixed the Vertov’s films with a contemporary soundtrack based on a combination of contemporary art’s dialectical relationship with video-montage and his work as a composer, artist, and writer. This project is just a first step along the path to understanding how cinema of the 20th century set the tone for the info-aesthetics of the 21st century.


Here is a trailer:

DJ Spooky - one of the most vivid figures of New-York underground in nineties, author of five full length albums, numerous quantity of culturological works and one of the significant specialists in multimedia art, Spooky worked with Sonic Youth, Arto Lindsay and Scanner. He got his pseudonym from William Burroughs: “I always loved his literature games with cutting and mixing of various fragments. It is very close to the work of a dj, who prepares his mixes, using scratch and different songs.”

Dziga Vertov - “Kino-Glaz” (1924): Film portrays an everyday life of a young soviet republic in various ways: work in the slaughterhouse, mill, field; making of first pioneer units and work of pioneers (for cooperatives and against tuberculosis); electrification of villages, jumps from the tower, Tverskaya street, Sukharevka and a rabble there: cocaine users, black market persons; work of Sklifosovskiy institute (saving of a suffocating guard); Kinoglaz even visited Kanatchikov’s cottage and depicted stories of insane people there. Read more on the DJ Spooky's site:


3rd CYBERFEST is opening in Russia

Fri Nov 20, 2009 00:00 - Thu Nov 12, 2009

Russian Federation

3rd CYBERFEST is opening at November in Hermitage, Saint-Petersburg. CYBERFEST - is the only International festival of cybernetic art in Russia (i.e. art, that combines living, biological and somatic substance with technical and computer devices). CYBERFEST is carried by CYLAND media laboratory, organized by National Center for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg Branch and non-commercial organization Saint Petersburg Arts Project, New York. CYBERFEST is an annual festival held in Saint Petersburg.