Scott Potter
Since 2004
Works in Crescent City United States of America

I found life again in my mother’s womb and breathed air on February 18, 1966, for the first time in some time. It was an experience, which view has not dulled throughout a life of many blessings. Grand Rapids, Michigan, a Plaster Creek, Peach Orchard, running and collecting bugs and stamps, coins and music became my passions. Mud sculptures, creekside, moved with the weather, and it was not until well after cloud-shape imaginings became routine that I began to see art as removed from nature and in a studio confined by walls, floor and ceiling as normal. Poetry continues to flow, as Plaster Creek offered itself a prior mentor, and I owe many thanks to family and friends who have provided sustenance to joy throughout changes. A recent coupling with the love of my life, Lisé, has engendered many ramblings on love, while a new home in Crescent City, California, that is a place more home than any other, elevates writing, gardening and homemaking to new levels.

Artist Statement/Scott M. Potter

Seeking to unveil the unseen power within versus the invisible power felt without through contemplation of the mostly unknown power withal—this power orchestrating esoteric and mystic activities—by relating folkloric, concentrating on the mythical, and entities, my work serves the global community in demonstrating the uniqueness within the similarities and vice versa. Mediums tune each piece to another vibration, the vibratory story not wholly unfamiliar; graphically, arrangement of pixels not always a conscious choice, my focus shifts to attempts to allow the acorn’s worldview to expand beyond the shadows of the branches of the mighty oak. The images, therefore, not predetermined in direction or purpose, arise from the collective powers of within, without and withal simultaneously.

Life’s Force,

Scott M. Potter