Scott Blake
Since 2006
Works in Omaha, Nebraska United States of America

Scott Blake takes barcodes and turns them into art - art that is simultaneously pop and op, intellectual and personal, minimal and ocular. Blake uses the black and white icon of our data-drenched existence to stimulate thought on topics from consumerism to religion and individual identity. He urges the viewer to consider the limitations of digitized human expression and to appropriate these symbols of commodity.
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Eryk Salvaggio: September 11th, 2001

I know this is an old post, but is broken.
Does anyone have a current link to view September 11th ASCII animation?


monochrom: Der Streichelnazi

Austria has some strict anti-Nazi laws. Wearing a swastika arm band in Vienna is 'verboten'. Kudos on healing the wound.


Profile of Steve Lambert creator of Add-Art

Profile of Steve Lambert on Ad Week. His project Add-Art (, is a free application for Firefox browsers that replaces Web ads with contemporary art.

A conceptual artist and co-founder of the Anti-Advertising Agency, is, depending on your perspective, a wry cultural critic or a loose cannon who must be stopped.