Sascha Pohflepp (*1978, Germany) is interested in science and technology and their myths and realities, how they are reflecting our hopes for transcendence and how they are shaping the reality of our world. He has worked with numerous artistic and scientific collaborators on projects ranging from the microcosm of synthetic biology to the macrocosm of space exploration. Recent exhibitions include Talk To Me at MoMA New York, New Order at the Mediamatic Foundation Amsterdam and Die Zukunft Fotografieren at NCCA Moscow. Together with Daisy Ginsberg is is presently working on a commission from Southampton University that focuses on modeling and its role as a technological lens on the world. His essay Invisible Animals on the notion of living machines will be published in a forthcoming book by MIT Press. Sascha Pohflepp holds an MA in Design Interactions from the Royal College of Art London and a degree in media art from The Berlin University of the Arts.

Rhizome Artist profile & interview: http://rhizome.org/editorial/2013/mar/7/artist-profile-sascha-pohflepp/