Sara Malinarich, Chilean artist specialized in telepresence, has worked in the development of platforms and technological interfaces for creation, collaborating in European projects and international teams.

Her Net.Art projects include works such as "e.scher system" and "Luminisensor"; the last one showed in different museums of Spain.

In 2005, she presented "Foto.Sin.Tesis" at the Festival of Art and Science, Symbiosis. This work refers to the artificial life through a cybernetic plant. The same year, she proposed and directed the international Órbita Project, among Latinamerican and Europe.

In relation to the Art of Action, "Re make up", has been showed in festivals of video and performance in the United States, Sweden, Chile, Spain, Uruguay, Argentine and Mexico.

Since 2005, she is director of INTACT Project (www.intact01.net) making different presentations Europe and América.

Lastest Exhibitions:


January. "Polizone" (Proyecto Huésped 3.0). Instalación y perfromance de telepresencia artística. MediaLab Prado, Matralab y Arteleku
January. "Agua-espejo de Poitier. Reflejo de un visitante". Project: "The garden of reflection". Espace Mendes France, Lieu Multiple. Poitiers, France
February. [.BOX] Videoart Project Space. Milano, Italia
February. 5s Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic
February. International feminist exhibition. Gallery of Fine Arts. Split, Croacia.


December. The Wrong New Digital Art Biennale at Pluton Space. Valencia, Spain
November. The Wrong digital art biennale (Worldwide). "Overflow".
October. TEDx Retiro. P.L.A.T. Installation "picto lumínico audio táctil".
July. MediaLab Prado (Madrid, Spain), Universidad de la Concordia (Montreal, Canadá). Overflow. Telepresence and robotic.
March 2013. Contemporany Art Center Ujazwski Castle – Kino-Lab. Warsaw. Poland
February. Cenro de Innovación BBVA (Madrid, España), Arteleku (Donostia, Spain). Huésped. Telepresence and robotic.

C.V. http://www.saramalinarich.net/curriculum/