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Little Miss Cleveland 2011 Calendar

Sat Jan 01, 2011 00:00 - Fri Dec 17, 2010

United States of America

I'm extending the Friends & Family discount on the Little Miss Cleveland 2011 Calendar, accessible via, to the rhizome family.

This is part of a larger body of work, Little Miss Cleveland & the Flaming Sunset, which began in the fall of 2007. The subsets of this project manifest themselves in as many discourses and media as possible.

Here are stills from Little Miss Cleveland & the Flaming Sunset #3, a large scale media installation currently up at the Albright-Knox in Buffalo: The installation is a collaboration with my sister, Suzannah Paul, and involves videos made of the flaming smokestacks of the ArcelorMittal steel plant here in Cleveland projected onto and through a wall of old barn windows. There is music/sound on 3 of the 8 video vignettes...the duration of the media content is approximately 35 minutes...there is an old wooden bench my father made for you to sit on if you choose to watch the entire work. This piece is at the Albright-Knox until January 16th.

Little Miss Cleveland & the Flaming Sunset #4 was a performance in Buffalo in which Little Miss Cleveland sings an improvised duet with a gas powered generator. The generator is powering all of the amplification and electronic components, and has its own microphone, which is run through guitar pedals and then fed back out through the speakers. We were a self contained noise/drone unit singing to the sunset and Lake Erie. The Albright-Knox uploaded some rough documentation of it here:

And this video became Little Miss Cleveland & the Flaming Sunset #2:

Compiling a solid representation of all the work remains in progress. In the meantime, I wanted to share this discount on the 2011 calendar, which is actually Little Miss Cleveland & the Flaming Sunset #5. (we're up to #9 and climbing)
The calendar was printed in an edition of once it's gone, it's over until 2012.

Please allow me to introduce myself:
My name is Sarah Paul and I'm a transdisciplinary artist interested in the intersection of Fine Art, Pop Media, Science, and Social Change. I continue to explore the Rust Belt, the tragic beauty of flaming smokestacks, the commodification of art, the performance of gender, the study of neuromusic as it applies to the feminine pop vocal melody, and the use of music in propaganda.

If you've gotten this far, I thank you for reading and wish you a very Happy New Year!
If you haven't read through this email, due to it's length and/or a lack of interest, I still wish you well in the fresh start of the new year.

Sincerely yours,

Sarah Paul


Generative ? Algorithmic ?

huh...i would think that generative art was actually a subset of algorithmic art, and not the other way round (as wikipedia claims)
i took generative to be associated with a closed, autonomous system that generates the work without external inputs.
but algorithms are used as generators/responders/etc in a broader spectrum of works.

that was my impression until reading your post.

i could be TOTALLY misinformed.

but so could wikipedia.

i'm sure someone super smart will swoop in and clear this up for us.

sarah paul