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Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 8

Sat Oct 11, 2008 00:00 - Wed Oct 10, 2007

If you’re unable to make it to Manchester for the Urban Screens conference, you don’t have to miss out on the action: tune in to one of the big screens in All Saints Gardens via Second Life.

‘The Revolution will be in Second Life’ is an interactive public video art installation incorporating Second Life users in a real life environment. Professor of Creative Technology at Salford University, Paul Sermon, in collaboration with Lets Go Global for Urban screens, will map the actual ‘first life’ town square ‘All Saints Gardens’ on Oxford Road with its Second Life counterpart, allowing both ‘first’ and ‘second’ life visitors to coexist and share the same park bench in this live interactive installation, which will transform the ‘Urban Screen’ in All Saints Gardens into a portal between these two parallel worlds.

The installation will also investigate the issue of demonstration and how it has changed from real into virtual environments. By positioning the ‘Urban Screen’ as the mediator of change, the installation will examine the history of ‘All Saints Gardens’; relocating Mancunian Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst as an avatar within Second Life. Here she will she remain locked to the railings of the park, reminding us of the need to continually evaluate our role in this new online digital society.

Fancy joining us in Second Life? You must register as a member and then install the Second Life software on your Computer, When you have the software installed visit One Manchester and click TELEPORT. This will take you to Manchester in Second Life, and from where you land it is a short walk to the Event Arena where the screens are located. On arriving at the screens there will be an icon that will allow you to play/turn on the screens.

Visit for information on their other Urban Screens events.

Saturday 13th October 2007 5-6pm


Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 7

Thu Oct 11, 2007 00:00 - Mon Oct 08, 2007

Urban Screens Manchester

It’s about content!

Conference 11-12 Oct
Art & Events 11-14 Oct

Focus Session 3 on day 1 of the conference will examine the profitability of urban screens and the production of non-commercial content and asks: What is the real ratio of production costs of artistic content and payment? Which economy models sustain a non-commercial use of the screens?

Focus Session 3: Towards a New Economy of Urban Screens, Cornerhouse

The session will be moderated by Glenn Harding (AUS), managing director of Circus, an urban media consultancy and production company managing the multimedia, online and broadcast systems and developing and commissioning original screen content for Melbourne’s Federation Square which houses numerous non-commercial LED screens. Melbourne will be hosting the next Urban Screens conference in October 2008.

Jason DaPonte (UK) is Executive Producer for and is leading a change programme across the BBC’s online producers called “Ensuring Excellence,” focussing on how editorial standards and guidelines need to be adapted to the rapidly changing environment that is digital media.

Mark Bennett (USA) is senior manager for In-Store Digital Marketing and Media at Target’s Corporate Media Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Mark leads strategy and creative execution for Target’s production teams. Target’s work has been at the forefront of ways to explore unique commercial branding opportunities.

Kristin Gray (USA) is the Director of Victory Media Network® at Victory Park in Dallas, Texas. Kristin seeks out a mix of relevant and engaging content underwritten by exclusive corporate partners who have the opportunity to advertise and market in a unique and captivating manner. A track system engineered specifically for the project allows screens to move horizontally along the entire length of a major public plaza creating complex and sophisticated spatial interactions and providing an immersive public art environment.

Mike Gibbons (UK) has spent the last five years building the Big Screens in the UK for the BBC as part of the partnerships with towns & cities. He recently became Head of Live Sites and UK Coordination for London 2012 and will lead the development of the Live Sites network to make the London Olympics part of everyone's life. He asks what are the social messages about the use of public spaces for major events and what can we learn from public reaction?

As part of the Urban Screens Art & Events Programme, Jenny Holzer’s Televised Texts will randomly intersperse the programmes on all three screens in Manchester city centre. Holzer adopts the form and language of commercial messages to disrupt communication, presenting kamikaze texts that are designed to stimulate thought and inspire a critical attitude in an often passive audience. Televised Texts are designed to appear anonymously and spontaneously.

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Urban Screens Manchester has been curated by Dr Susanne Jaschko.
Urban Screens Manchester has been supported by Cornerhouse and BBC.
It has been funded by Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester.
With support from MDDA and Manchester Knowledge Capital.


Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 6

Thu Oct 11, 2007 00:00 - Thu Oct 04, 2007

Urban Screens Manchester Art + Events Programme
11 - 14 October

Take a new look at your city!
A dynamic, groundbreaking four-day programme of free outdoor screen and art events; a showcase for the creative future of our cities, featuring the work of over 90 international artists.
Three giant LED screens in city centre Manchester will show a wide range of individual programmes 24-hours a day. The screens will be sited at All Saints’ Gardens on Oxford Road, Exchange Square, and Cathedral Gardens outside Urbis. We’re looking forward to exclusive live events, interactive works, streaming media, film shorts and animation, late-night video events and live internet broadcasts.

A detailed schedule for the three screens can be found on

Special event at Manchester Town Hall, Great Hall, Albert Square

The Light Surgeons present True Fictions: New Adventures in Folklore
European premiere / One performance only
The Light Surgeons, a UK-based collective of designers, film makers and musicians, set out to explore the stories and myths surrounding Uncle Sam Wilson, bearded idol and personification of the United States of America. A sizzling multi-screen fusion of documentary filmmaking, genre hopping soundtracks, animation/motion graphics and digital video performance fuses with the stunning, neo-gothic splendour of the Great Hall.

The Light Surgeons are best known for their pioneering design of visual displays at clubs, commercial events, music tours & exhibitions. They have been at the cutting edge of multimedia sound and light installations, working across a range of media such as video, 16mm film, photography, print based design, music & spoken narrative.

Thursday 11, 9pm
Limited tickets available at 5 (4 concession) from Cornerhouse Box Office on 0161 200 1500

A Wall is a Screen
UK Premiere / Promenade event / One night only
Part guided tour, part roaming film night, A Wall is a Screen leads its audience through the streets of the city, stopping at previously unnoticed locations where films of different genres are projected. After each film, the equipment is loaded up onto a handcart and the group moves on to the next wall. Working with the North West Film archive at Manchester Metropolitan University, this event includes localised footage that peels back the layers of inner-city history.
Members of A Wall is a Screen will also be presenting their work on Day 1 of the conference, during the poster session on creating screen art for an urban & architectural context.

Friday 12, 9-10.30pm
FREE. Start location: Outside Kro Picadilly, Picadilly Gardens

Please feed back your comments on the artworks to We will publish them on the Urban Screens weblog at

Curated by Susanne Jaschko


Urban Screens Manchester Newsletter 4

Thu Sep 13, 2007 00:00 - Thu Sep 13, 2007

Urban Screens Manchester

Conference 11 - 12 October
Art and Events 11 - 14 October

It’s about Content!

Two days: GBP80 / GBP60 concs
One day: GBP60 / GBP40 concs

Two days: GBP100 / GBP80 concs
One day: GBP80 / GBP60

Take a closer look at selected focus and poster sessions on aesthetics and their role as communication medium on day 2 of the conference.

Focus Session 2: Towards a New Aesthetics of Screen Art in the Urban Environment, Cornerhouse

The audiovisual density of urban spaces is rapidly increasing. Adding large scale moving images to the already dynamic cityscape may overstrain the capacity of human perception. What is the definition of ‘too much’ with regards to moving images in public space? Can people live with an increased amount of activity within urban space? Are there existing moving image formats suitable for display in urban space? Or does the audiovisual density and increased rhythm of the city demand a completely new aesthetics?

Moderator Susanne Jaschko (DE) is the curator of Urban Screens Manchester 07. She is a Berlin based independent curator and researcher in contemporary visual and electronic art.

Uta Caspary (DE) will throw light upon digital media as ornament in contemporary architecture facades. She looks at how, in the present urban context, media facades oscillate between art, architecture and infotainment, replacing and expanding the function of architectural ornament.

Jean-Claude Bustros (CA) engages with cinema that transcends the screen, seeking strategies for human/image interaction. He is currently exploring how the strategic placement of a 'perceptive' screen, capable of reaction, can impact the daily activity of urban dwellers.

Media artist Gunther Selichar (AT) will present Who’s Afraid of Blue, Red and Green?, an online competition and public art project based on the elementary visual building blocks of digital display screens. He looks at how screens have come to the public squares of our cities and re-established the old public space as a possible new public space.

Poster Session: Towards a New Aesthetics of Screen Art in the Urban Environment, Cornerhouse

Anette Schafer (DE/UK) director of Trampoline, an organisation that runs regular platform events for new media art, will present examples of artists working with other forms of screen-like interfaces, illustrating alternative usages and formats of screens.

Theresa Caruana (UK) established Palmeda in 2005, focusing on creating public art using digital projections and live performance. She will investigate the meaningful integration of urban screens in social environments.

Dr Stephen Brennan (UK), Director of Marketing and Strategy of the Digital Hub Development Agency, will exemplify the role of the screen in urban regeneration which can act as a device by which communities can address concerns and ideas.

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Urban Screens Manchester has been curated by Dr Susanne Jaschko .
Urban Screens Manchester has been supported by Cornerhouse and BBC.
It has been funded by Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester. With support from MDDA and Manchester Knowledge Capital.


Urban Screens Manchester Conference & Art Programme NEWSLETTER 3

Thu Sep 06, 2007 00:00 - Wed Sep 05, 2007

Urban Screens Manchester

It’s about content!

Manchester Conference: 11 + 12 October 2007
Public arts + events programme: 11 - 14 October 2007

Two days: 80 / 60 concs
One day: 60 / 40 concs

Two days: 100 / 80 concs
One day: 80 / 60

Newsletter no. 3 highlights the focus session on alternative broadcasting concepts for urban screens and introduces an exciting participatory screen project featured in the arts and events programme.

Focus Session: Alternative Concepts of Broadcasting: Power to the People? 12 October 07, Cornerhouse

In theory access to public spaces is unrestricted. In reality control and restriction of public spaces is increasing. Can urban screens take up the role of a public communication medium enabling one-to-many or many-to-many communication? How much freedom of expression is acceptable to the public, or is censorship unavoidable even in a democratic society? How far could urban screens grow into an alternative broadcast medium, taking account of societal heterogeneity and also giving a voice to fringe groups?

Moderator Eric Kluitenberg (NL) lectures and publishes extensively on culture, new media, and cultural politics throughout Europe and beyond. He is known for his critical approach to new media and their social implications.

Adam Hyde (NZ/NL) has been a new media artist for almost 10 years. In his talk he will examine the prevalent web 2.0. trend of user generated content and will take a look at the myths and realities of this current tendency.

Jason Lewis (CA) is a poet, digital media artist and software designer focusing on experiments in visual language, text and typography. His talk will review the results of sixteen ‘Cityspeak’ deployments, a public SMS messaging project and will examine the ever-more tightly controlled means for communicating in public space.

Jai Redman (UK) is a Manchester based artist and environmental activist. Redman generally questions the cultural value of urban screens in public space. He will ask whether controlled ‘out of home media’ allow free speech at all and whether culture is being appropriated as a means of selling consumer culture.

15 x 15 by Richard Vickers (UK), 11-14 October 07, Exchange Square

The art and events programme picks up on the topic of user generated content for urban screens with the participatory project 15 x 15 by Richard Vickers.

In 1968 Andy Warhol stated that; ‘In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes’. Using Warhol’s statement as a premise, 15x15 advances the statement into the 21st century; with new media technology everyone can be world famous....for 15 seconds. Participants will be able to contribute to the piece using a standard mobile camera phone that can capture video, and can send video clips directly from their camera phone using MMS (Multimedia Message Service), or upload from a personal computer to the online database at

Register your interest now at

Urban Screens Manchester has been curated by Dr Susanne Jaschko .
Urban Screens Manchester has been supported by Cornerhouse and BBC.
It has been funded by Arts Council England, Manchester City Council, Marketing Manchester. With support from MDDA and Manchester Knowledge Capital.