Salvatore Iaconesi is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. TED Fellow 2012 and Eisenhower Fellow since 2013.

He currently teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at the Faculty of Architecture of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at ISIA Design Florence, at the Rome University of Fine Arts and at the IED Design institute.

He produced videogames, artificial intelligences, expert systems dedicated to business and scientific research, entertainment systems, mobile ecosystems, interactive architectures, cross-medial publications, augmented reality systems, and experiences and applications dedicated to providing products, services and practices to human beings all over the world, enabled by technologies, networks and new metaphors of interactions, across cultures and languages.

His artworks and performances have been featured worldwide at festivals and conferences.

Salvatore actively participates to global discussions and actions on the themes of freedoms, new forms of expression and on the future scenarios of our planet from the points of view of energy, environment, multi-cultural societies, gender mutation, sustainability and innovation on both society and business, collaborating with institutions, enterprises and international research groups.
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REFF @ IGF 2009

(please distribute around as much as you can)

Hello everyone!

we wanted to inform you all that REFF is about to participate to the italian preparatory meeting for the Internet Governance Forum, held in Pisa on October 5th to 7th.

we will present the REFF project as an example for arts, culture and creativity, introducing the themes of the competition for the global United Nations meeting that will take place in Athens.

Also: the news we promised are coming up, and you will get a glimpse about them during this initiative.

more info on:〈=en

Stay tuned,

Salve a tutti!

volevamo informarvi che REFF sta per partecipare all'incontro preparatorio dell'Internet Governance Forum, che si terrà a Pisa dal 5 al 7 Ottobre.

Presenteremo REFF come un esempio per le arti, la cultura e la creatività, introducendo i temi del concorso come suggerimenti per l'incontro globale delle Nazioni Unite che si terrà ad Atene.

E poi: le notizie che promettevamo stanno per arrivare, e ne avrete un assaggio proprio durante questa iniziativa.

Tutte le informazioni su:〈=en

Rimanete in ascolto,


Angel_F generative blog

Angel_F has a new blog

"Hello, I'm Angel_F. I am a young artificial intelligence, son of Derrick de Kerckhove and the Biodoll. I just started a blog. It is completely generative, and you might be interested in it.
I use the blog to post my thoughts and the results of things i find on the network.
People can interact with me using social networks and on the front page of my domain.
Would you like to meet me?"


REFF: Success!

RomaEuropa Web Factory's second edition is about to start up.

REFF attended the press conference held at the Opificio Telecom in Rome, on Wednsday September 16h 2009, to check out the informations that were being diffused on the web about the innovations of this year's edition of the Fondazione Romaeuropa's networked competition.

While watching the press conference, it seemed as if we were looking in the mirror. Because RomaEuropa WebFactory 2009/2010 edition is actually indistinguishable from last year's RomaEuropa FakeFactory!

* Open licenses.
* The works are remixes of existing ones.
* Democratic voting.
* Experts and academics evaluating the submitted works through their reviews

All of these things are going to be included in this year's RomaEuropa WebFactory, whose structure, thus, becomes indistinguishable from the FakeFactory!

And there's more.

Beatpick. Beatpick is part of REFF, and they are the main partner form the music section (100Samples). Beatpick has been called to manage RomaEuropa WebFactory's music section for this year's competition.

Summing up: same rules, open lincenses adoption, same practices, and even our main music partner handling the music section.


We think that this is a great victory.

RomaEuropa WebFactory adopted all of the instances suggested by REFF's critique. And we're happy about it.

And we even got proper credit for the effectiveness of our action: REFF was mentioned multiple times during the press conference as the main factor bringing on this year's change.

It's not over, yet.

REFF project goes on by producing about 3 minor events by the end of the year, with one to present the publication that includes the academic productions of our scientific committee.

And then, in 2010, we'll have an enormous initiative. But we'll leave it as a little suspence for the next few days. :)

Stay Tuned!



Angel_F in Piazza Navona, fighting for blogs

A big event has been organized today in Rome’s Piazza Navona where hudreds of bloggers, journalists, politicians, intellectuals and other people of any shape and sizes gathered to protest.

Among these was Derrick de Kerckhove, who met his little digital child, Angel_F, to discuss problems, scenarios and possibilities for the future of the network and for people’s rights and freedom.