Salvatore Iaconesi is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. TED Fellow 2012 and Eisenhower Fellow since 2013.

He currently teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at the Faculty of Architecture of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at ISIA Design Florence, at the Rome University of Fine Arts and at the IED Design institute.

He produced videogames, artificial intelligences, expert systems dedicated to business and scientific research, entertainment systems, mobile ecosystems, interactive architectures, cross-medial publications, augmented reality systems, and experiences and applications dedicated to providing products, services and practices to human beings all over the world, enabled by technologies, networks and new metaphors of interactions, across cultures and languages.

His artworks and performances have been featured worldwide at festivals and conferences.

Salvatore actively participates to global discussions and actions on the themes of freedoms, new forms of expression and on the future scenarios of our planet from the points of view of energy, environment, multi-cultural societies, gender mutation, sustainability and innovation on both society and business, collaborating with institutions, enterprises and international research groups.
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Re: Re: Re: namjune();paik()

art is a koan

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>Art is dead
>but sneaks out for fun.
>Art is invisible:
>look at the paintings.
>Art is dead.
>Accept no substitutes.
>A surd and scream;
>black flower,
>Art is dead
>except where strictly prohibited.
>Art is invisible,
>slips past the borders.


Re: Re: namjune();paik()

the search for the "next thing" is a healthy process as long as it's not the only one.

different disciplines have different hearts and follow different paths. maybe converging, but different.

if you look at it from a certain (limited) point of view: painting is "old", sculpture is "old", music is "old". but is it true?

if we answer yes, we're probabily filled up with too many concepts, too much in a hurry, too embedded in The Context.

tools are tools. cost them 3dollars or a million. be them ancient or futuristic.

i love art that is expression of its time. i also love classical art, but i Love that which is contemporary.

but the "new" and the "contemporary" can be found in a violin just like it can be found in a neural network.

salvatore [xDxD]


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: funding and rhizome comissions

Eric Dymond wrote:

> > The cheque is in the mail, worry not. But if you had taken my
> advice,
> > you'd have a credit card from MOMO or the MET and this wouldn't be
> an
> > issue.
> > I can help you out for now, but you have to take the institutions by
> > the jugular if you ever expect to have financial independence. They
> > have your money. It's yours, not Damien Hirst's, Eric Fischl's or
> any
> > number of 20th century hacks who have their claws in the side of the
> > money bearing institutions.
> > After all, the whole art world is just another mediated scam, take
> > control! You're a mediated artist! It should be your specialty by
> now.
> and maybe, just maybe you should remind them that the clock on the
> wall tells me that that the 20th century is over. Its already 2006,
> time to forget the past and learn to deal with the new century.
> Money will gravitate to those who act.

take institutions by the jugular?
you probably hit the right spot: either someone does it for me, or i don't want to have anything to do with the institutions.
or with the "real" world itself, as a matter of fact :)
i'm probably fed up with everything. possibly, i was born fed up.
we have everything we need to abolish nations, governments, institutions, television, consumism. yet we sit and obey.
better than "to abolish": to realize that they are fake structures, forced on us to control.
we wear/eat/consume stuff that causes death all over the world. knowing it.
we get brainwashed since we're born. we think that we have to be tall, slim, sexy, muscolar.
we're told that only specific lifestyles bring "success".
we're told that we have to take medicine X and Y to feel allright.
we're told everything and its contrary 2 days later, and yet we believe.

learn to deal with the new century?
why not forget this century, and everything else, and just do what we want and makes us feel good?
we have the power for it. bypass mcluhan, bypass TAZ, bypass baudrillard.

maybe we'll meet in jail.
i hope they have fiber net conenctions in there.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: funding and rhizome comissions

Eric Dymond wrote:

>> Viva la Revolution!
> No..., I just want thier money, wouldn't corporate fraud be a better approach?

mind fraud is the best approach. but it's slow. can you afford a 20-years long strategy?

> I want all the money institutions spend on physical art going to net art
> (not just .5% of their contemporary budget) , and I don't care about purist beliefs,
> or democracy, or loss of community, I just want the money.
> And not some chump change from a net start-up, I want to get a hold of the big budgets
> and make T. Whid as famous as T. Cruise, Alexis Turner as famous as J-Lo,

don't all of us want it, in the end.

it's sad, though. maybe we should just do like mick jagger & C. : use tons of drugs, go around
half naked, having sex with whoever's in range, and live some revolution, instead.
but we're sons of a different time, and souls don't move as sincerely as in the 60s and 70s: everyone's
too fucked up persuing their false needs and beliefs.

you know what? maybe we should just design a "scientology" thing, mess their minds up a little
more and live long and prosper. it just needs time . a 3D religion? a god made of software automas?
a diet in which neural networks tell you what to eat?

> and every other poster to this forum as well.

i'm late with my rent: can i have a couple of hundreds in advance?

please? :)



i put them all online

for a happier internet.

as usual: get your cpu ready for a sweat: it's an awful lot of math to be
performed inside a browser :)

on windows, view them on firefox, if you can, as they perform quite better.

salvatore [xDxD]