Salvatore Iaconesi is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. TED Fellow 2012 and Eisenhower Fellow since 2013.

He currently teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at the Faculty of Architecture of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at ISIA Design Florence, at the Rome University of Fine Arts and at the IED Design institute.

He produced videogames, artificial intelligences, expert systems dedicated to business and scientific research, entertainment systems, mobile ecosystems, interactive architectures, cross-medial publications, augmented reality systems, and experiences and applications dedicated to providing products, services and practices to human beings all over the world, enabled by technologies, networks and new metaphors of interactions, across cultures and languages.

His artworks and performances have been featured worldwide at festivals and conferences.

Salvatore actively participates to global discussions and actions on the themes of freedoms, new forms of expression and on the future scenarios of our planet from the points of view of energy, environment, multi-cultural societies, gender mutation, sustainability and innovation on both society and business, collaborating with institutions, enterprises and international research groups.
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R: RHIZOME_RAW: Turbulence Spotlight: "Tabula Visum: Tabular Vision & HTML Cinema" by Patrick Lichty

i know i don't have all the "titles" and that it might sound a foolish

but haven't loads of folks been doing this stuff?

even i've been doing this stuff, and i'm the laaaaaast little meaningless one
of a crowd...

yes, yes, i know, you/we all grab stuff and attach meanings to it. we all do.
and blablabla...

but isn't there something more interesting to "Spotlight"? :)

this is meant to be a constructive criticism.

>----Messaggio originale----
>Data: 17/11/2006 23.59
>A: "Jo-Anne Green"<>
>Ogg: RHIZOME_RAW: Turbulence Spotlight: &quot;Tabula Visum: Tabular Vision
&amp; HTML Cinema&quot; by Patrick Lichty
>November 17, 2006
>Turbulence Spotlight: "Tabula Visum: Tabular Vision & HTML Cinema" by
>Patrick Lichty
>Both static and dynamic digital images have often been represented as
>'translated' images, reinterpreted from an intermediate image file stored on
>the web. Beginning with these files, Lichty has translated the images and
>videos to pure HTML code. As such, they represent a very 'direct' method of
>representation in the browser. In addition, there is a time-based element
>that occurs when the tables load into the browser. Thus, "HTML Cinema" has
>two dimensions; the time of the load, and the time of the serial.
>Many of these images are excerpts from Lichty's wristcam photography and
>video works. After conversion to pure code, several of the pages were
>unmanageable; therefore, they are a hybrid of code and console handicraft by
>the artist.
>Patrick Lichty is a technologically-based conceptual artist, writer,
>independent curator, animator for the activist group "The Yes Men," and
>Executive Editor of Intelligent Agent Magazine. His work spans over 15
>years, dealing with media narrative/criticism and information aesthetics, in
>many different contexts. He works in diverse technological media, including
>painting, mobile media, printmaking, kinetics, video, VR, generative music,
>and neon. Venues in which Lichty has been involved with solo and
>collaborative works include the Whitney Biennial and the International
>Symposium on the Electronic Arts (ISEA). Lichty is a faculty member in the
>Interactive Arts and Media Department at Columbia College Chicago.
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yesterday, i was thinking about life. net art is against my cosmic lazyness."
"reaction is against my cosmic lazyness. i guess that if something is made
from technology, that is what i chat with."
"net art is much more reasonable than the artist is nothing."
"net art is about sucking at the results. but it doesn't sound reasonable."
"so i just relaxed and waited for someone to arrive."


R: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: Re: Re: Community

When i joined i was actually looking for something.
Reading content from the past made rhizome look like something similar to what
i needed, so i joined.
And, apart from the fact that i am a hippy-sh nerd, and that i don't really
fit in with some of the people writing and contributing here (but i don't think
its a bad thing anyway, diversisty is useful), something was/is there.
That's why i even used rhizome's content in some of the things i do: i
constantly (and automatically :) ) "steal" links and content on the homepage
(and on other homepages all over) to populate a 3d universe where you can
travel and browse things; i use the texts on textbase and on the feeds to feed
a linguistic system that i'm going to release in a bit; and things like that.
And i do it "just" because it's what first comes to my mind when thinking
about net art, new media and all the stuff we constantly talk about.
I think that the most interesting proposals raised so far are the ones that
are more extreme. In one direction, it's really interesting to think of a
future where an important structure such as rhizome can actually and phisically
be determined by the community. In the other, opposite, direction, it is also
very "" to think in terms of "ok, i don't like it: i'll just go ahead
and hack it" just like someone suggested with the parallel-unofficial-hacked
anniversary festival (who was that? i accidentally deleted the post): it suits
me perfectly, as well.
The stuff in the middle.. well... it could be something, but it wouldn't help
much in creating something that can really be used and abused with positive
results. Just think of the different attitudes found, for example, in the RAW
list: from discourse, to delirium, to announcements, to theory, to idiocy :) ..
and so on.
An approach where users could build structures for whatever they wish, being
able to use content and structures found in other parts of rhizome and other
sources, as well, would be a nice approach. It could turn into a MySpace-like
monster, if it's not something that's thought with usabiliy and cooperation as
primary goals, but it's worth a try. A try that would be just great if the
users themselves could partecipate in deciding the directions and shape of the

otherwise there are plenty of "rhizome.something" domains available for
purchase :)))))


>----Messaggio originale----
>Data: 08/10/2006 3.03
>A: <>
>Ogg: RHIZOME_RAW: Re: Re: Re: Community
>I can't say that the proposed changes won't work, but they all address
tweaking existing Rhizome functions. I think, no I'm sure it's time for
something more creative.
>A few individuals cannot accomplish what many can. And for the most part I
think those that would get involved have some NEW ideas. I am reposting what I
said, about 30 messages ago:
>"Why not make the Rhizome commissions contribute to the Rhizome community?
>In other words, rather than spending money on individuals individual-centric
work, make the paramters enhance the Rhizome Community. No more new media for
new medias sake.
>It would go something like this:
>"Rhizome Commissions are looking for interactive new media works that enable
the Rhizome community to interact, communicate and otherwise get involved in
the online community."
>That would be a first step towards evolvong into something new.
>I know, members are going to complain, but really, we all pay for the
service, and have an interest in its evolution. This would create a really
interesting and creative environment.
>Eric "
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a porn site for robots

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