Salvatore Iaconesi is an interaction designer, robotics engineer, artist, hacker. TED Fellow 2012 and Eisenhower Fellow since 2013.

He currently teaches Interaction Design and cross-media practices at the Faculty of Architecture of the “La Sapienza” University of Rome, at ISIA Design Florence, at the Rome University of Fine Arts and at the IED Design institute.

He produced videogames, artificial intelligences, expert systems dedicated to business and scientific research, entertainment systems, mobile ecosystems, interactive architectures, cross-medial publications, augmented reality systems, and experiences and applications dedicated to providing products, services and practices to human beings all over the world, enabled by technologies, networks and new metaphors of interactions, across cultures and languages.

His artworks and performances have been featured worldwide at festivals and conferences.

Salvatore actively participates to global discussions and actions on the themes of freedoms, new forms of expression and on the future scenarios of our planet from the points of view of energy, environment, multi-cultural societies, gender mutation, sustainability and innovation on both society and business, collaborating with institutions, enterprises and international research groups.
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this.astro and Come in Cielo Così in Terra

Sat Apr 28, 2012 13:13 - Sat Apr 28, 2012

Rome, Italy

invert the stars with the earth: Global Astronomy Month at MACRO Museum of rome

On April 28th, 2012, AOS will be at the MACRO museum in Rome with this.astro and Come in Cielo Così in Terra, an installation and a workshop created in occasion of the Global Astronomy Month.

THIS.ASTRO generates a star-filled sky in real time: each star is an interaction on social networks; stars join together to form evolving constellations, according to the ways in which people take part in discussions online. A peculiar User-Generated Horoscope in which the destiny of human beings (e.g.: the shapes and positions of constellations) is determined by the ways in which people collaborate.

Come in Cielo Così in Terra is a workshop in which we will bring the sky into the streets of our cities. A free/libre application will be created/used during the workshop allowing people to form groups, select a constellation and draw it onto the streets of the city of Rome by walking through it, in a city-wide GPS-based drawing performed collaboratively with our bodies. An investigation oncollaboration, ubiquitous technologies, collaboration, and the new ways of experiencing cities and the relations with our fellow human beings.

April 28th 2012
Connect the Dots and See the Unseen

MACROeo (electronicOrphanage, a project by Miltos Manetas) presents, on Saturday April 28th 2012, staring at 13:13, Connect the Dots and See the Unseen, an event focused on the relationships between arts and sciences, in which artists and visitors will actively reflect onto the observation and explanation of celestial events, through workshops, projections, internet-connected artworks by Laurent Faulonand Delphine Reist, Stefano Canto, Daniela De Paulis and AOS – Art is Open Source.

more info at the MACRO Museum:

and at the electronicOrphanage:

MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art
Rome, via Nizza 138


Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free

Fri Jan 27, 2012 19:00 - Sun Jan 29, 2012

Bologna, Italy

Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free uses people’s real time emotional expressions on social networks to animate a physical installation.

The emotions of millions of users on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and FourSquare are harvested in real time (using open available APIs and techniques such as Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning) and used to give life to physical manifestations and info-aesthetic visualizations.

The project is the result of a wonderful collaboration between Salvatore Iaconesi / Oriana Persico (Art is Open Source) and Lara Mezzapelle / Giacomo Deriu.

Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free will be officially launched at BT’F Contemporary Art Gallery Friday, January 27th 2012 at 7pm, and is an official initiative of Arte Fiera OFF.

Here is the address:

BTF Art Gallery
Via Castiglione 35
40124 Bologna

Here are some useful links:

Enlarge Your Consciousness in 4 Days 4 Free

Art is Open Source

Mezzapelle – Deriu

BTF Contemporary Art Gallery

on Espoarte

on Il Pensiero Artistico


VersuS on RaiTunes, musical voyage on the emotions of the planet

Thu Jan 05, 2012 23:00 - Thu Jan 05, 2012

N/A, Italy

Travel through 6 cities, in Italy, Europe and the United States. A live performance capturing in real time the emotions of cities, in an open dialogue with music.

On January 5th 2012, on RaiTunes, the sounds of Alessio Bertallot meet the hybrid, neo-real worlds of Salvatore Iaconesi and Oriana Persico. The language of radio will be contaminated with the language of new media arts, generating novel forms of expression and narratives.

Starting at 11pm and up to 11:40pm, “VersuS, the real time lives of cities” will be showcased in an entirely new version created to interact in real time with the RaiTunes playlist.

This version of the VersuS project will be officially presented during the broadcast, in which listeners will be invited to a realtime voyage into music and the emotions of London, New York, Philadelphia, Berlin, Bristol and Milan.

Moving from city to city, Alessio Bertallot will lead the audience through the discovery of the music that originates in those places, expression of concrete and flesh.

Simultaneously, planet earth will revolve towards the cities: a plunging zoom will allow us to experience cities’ chitchat in front of our eyes; the messages which people, in that moment, are exchanging on social networks will be captured, analyzed, and shown over the places in which they originated, in a dynamic, neo-real, visualization, showing in realtime the sensations of the people which live in that city, transforming us into global eyes, in emotional voyeurs of the whole planet.

January 5th, 11pm – 11:40pm, on RaiTunes.

Realtime updates and dialogue with Alessio Bertallot and the creators of VersuS will take place on RaiTunes’ Facebook page.



This project on FakePress:


Read/Write Reality, An intensive workshop on Ubiquitous Publishing

Fri Sep 09, 2011 19:30

Cava dei Tirreni, Italy

WHAT: 3+1 days of intensive workshop on the possibilities offered by Ubiquitous Publishing techniques and technologies
WHEN: from 13th to 16th September 2011
WHERE: Cava de' Tirreni (Amalfi Coast, Italy)

Do you want to learn about new business models, new forms of expression, new possibilities for culture and knowdledge?
Are you looking for new tools for freedom of communication, expression and for knowledge or content diffusion?
Would you like to discover what will be the next possibilities for e-books and digital publishing, starting from the opportunities offered by our present times?
Do you want to learn and acquire the “new ways of writing on the world” that are turning our bodies, architectures, spaces and objects into publishing surfaces?

READ/WRITE REALITY (RWR) is an intensive and visionary workshop created to pragmatically explore the methodological, technical and technological possibilities offered by Ubiquitous Publishing.
A 3+1 days hands-on and minds-on program in which we will follow you through the creation of a full ubiquitous publishing project, starting from scratch and ending up at product release. Participants will learn the methodologies, the conceptual and technological frameworks which will enable individuals, organizations, companies or collectives to use ubiquitous technologies to enact new forms of communication and expression, new business models, new ways in which you can activate your strategies and observe their effects. Out of the monitor, in the spaces of our cities, bodies, objects and products.
RWR will be held on September 13-14-15+16 in Cava de' Tirreni, at the Ostello "Borgo Scacciaventi, a beautiful setting in a 15th century building near to the famous Amalifi Coast. The workshop will fill 3+1 days of intense activities, visionary discussions, engaging hands-on practices, on-the-field explorations and content-production, an "ubiquitous movida" to be discovered, great food, wine and scenery, in contact with the rooted traditions of the beautiful South of Italy.
During the last day (Sept. 16th) a big party and a city-wide event will mark the achievement of your work: the result of the RWR workshop will be exposed in a prestigious building in the center of Cava de' Tirreni, at the presence of internationally known academics and researchers.

The workshop is addresed to:
designers (wishing to know,understand and use Ubiquitous Publishing technologies);
communicators (who want to understand and learnhow to bring digital information out of the monitor, into the city, in people's pockets, on objects and in the places we traverse in our daily lives);
developers (who want to learn how to build engaging ubiquitous interactive experiences);
artists, journalists, scientists and researchers (wishing to add ubiquitous technologies to their toolset for expression, information, knowledge, education and research practices);
and strategists (with the desire to gain knowledge and insights to confront with the next step of digital communication).

Technologies you will use:
iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and tablets
location based, GPS, digital compass
accelerometers for gesture-based interactions
augmented reality: location-based, marker-based, computer vision based
mobile tagging: QRCode, barcodes
multimedia of all sorts, 3D, 2D, sound, immersive sounds and visuals
projection mapping for architecture-based content and interaction

Deadline for enrollment & Conditions
20th August 2011
Only a limited number of 35 people will be accepted

ATTENTION! Students, artists, researchers, people working in educational or non-profit sector, young (less than 26 years old) and old (over 70), benefit from special conditions!


RWR is a progect by
FakePress and Art is Opensource
in collaboration with:
Cantro Studi di Etnografia DigitaleNinja Marketing, Ostello “Borgo Scacciaventi”
supported by:
LiberLiber, MELTINGPOT - Cantiere Creativo per la New Media Art, Piemonte Share Festival, StoriaContinua
More info at:


LivePerformersMeeting in Minsk! Sept 22-25 2011

Fri Jul 15, 2011 00:00

Minsk, Belarus

Get ready! Be quick!
we’re launching the next edition of the LPM, the Live Performers Meeting: in Minsk, Belarus, on Sept. 22-25 2011.
AOS will be coordinating the Sensible Data section of LPM: for this section the call is open to everyone who works with information visualization.
The Sensible Data section will feature a workshop which will introduce everyone involved to the beauty, power and possibilities offered by Information Visualization, and it will feature performances of designers, artists and visual performers which use informations (data sets, databases, open data, harvested data from the web, realtime captures from social networks, anything!) to power up their performance, creating narratives out of planetary issues, critical analysis of information, awareness on important matters and all those ways in which you can currently use data to convey stories about human beings, merging politics and poetics, and creating dramatic experiences.
Below you can find the general call for LPM Minsk. Be quick! According to where you live you might need a permit to access Belarus, and a letter of invitation!
The X edition of LPM is in Minsk from 22th to 25nd of September.
Live Performers Meeting 2011 in Minsk
Ready to participate?
The LPM MINSK registration form is on-line.
Subscription is now open until 15th July, 2011.
Hurry-up and send us your project!
We are looking for live audiovisual performances, vj sets, interactiveinstallations and workshops proposals from artists, practitioners,thinkers and makers involved in LIVE VIDEO.
This year we aim at investigating and presenting some specific strandsof live video practice.
Learn more about the new themes of LPM 2011 at:
LPM - Live Performers Meeting is one of the leading events of livevideo, audiovisual performance and new media arts.
Taking part in LPM represents a unique chance to be involved in fourdays of av performances, vjing, workshops, panel discussions, productshowcase with an amazing community of vjs, audiovisual artists, newmedia practitioners and thinkers worldwide!
The 2011 edition at Nuovo Cinema Aquila in Rome registered 484 artistsfrom France, Hungary, Italy, Germany, United States, Spain, Belarus,Slovenia, Russian Federation, Poland, United Kingdom, Ireland,Albania, Greece, Switzerland, Uruguay, Mexico, Brazil, Portugal, NewZealand, Netherlands, Ukraine, Romania, Andorra, Argentina, Bulgaria,Belgium, Colombia, India, Denmark, Turkey, Macedonia. We exhibited 241works, among performances, workshop and showcases over 5 stages.
info at
Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter: