Sal Randolph
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Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Sal Randolph lives in New York and makes art involving gift economies, social interactions, public spaces and publishing, including Opsound, an open exchange of copyleft music, the Free Biennial and Free Manifesta, a pair of open, internet-mediated "biennials," Free Words, a book infiltrated into bookstores and libraries, and Money Actions, an ongoing series of interventions in which she has given away several thousand dollars to members of the public. She is currently investigating games, recipes, algorithms, codes, and texts.
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The first myspace gallery?

This just in from Calling Marcel:

Concept Trucking is seeking artists for its 2006 exhibition season.
Trucking is an exhibiton space that uses the on-line networking site
Myspace as its platform. Artists whose work engages the dynamics or
structure of social networking systems are encouraged to submit
for upcoming shows. Please limit proposals to 500 words. Visit: and send your proposal via the site


Re: Signing off

yah! great job! & have a great time on your trip. much deserved.


Fwd: Glowlab news :: March 2006 (including 2006 CONFLUX call for proposals)

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> Glowlab news
> March 2006
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> contents:
> 01. Still time to read the January :: February issue!
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> 01. Still time to read the January :: February issue!
> We missed sending you a newsletter last month as we were busy with
> some Conflux plotting and scheming....BUT! There's still time to
> read the current issue at It features projects
> by Jeffery Yamaguchi [whose new book you should pick up if you
> haven't yet], Toby Kim Lee, Bethany Bristow, Sal Randolph [with a
> new project you can join], Michelle Kasprzak, Dave Mandl and Emily
> Conrad.
> The next issue will be published in mid-March, and for it we
> welcome our first Guest Editor [and frequent Glowlab
> collaborator...Glowlaborator?] Jessica Thompson.
> :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
> Big news! Check out the call for proposals for our 2006 Conflux
> festival and our brand-new online application built by the fabulous
> iKatun. We look forward to your submissions.
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> CONFLUX 2006 - September 14 - 17. 2006
> Conflux is the annual New York City festival where visual and sound
> artists, writers, urban adventurers, researchers and the public
> gather for four days to explore the physical and psychological
> landscape of the city.
> Say hello to Brooklyn! In 2006, Conflux will be held in Brooklyn
> for the first time. McCaig-Welles Gallery in Williamsburg will
> serve as our headquarters, with events taking place in and around
> the gallery.
> Conflux 2006 is produced by Glowlab and curated by Glowlab and iKatun.
> Please read the guidelines below, and submit your proposal here:
> 10 April, 2006, 11:59pm EST
> Participants in Conflux share an interest in psychogeography
> [ Wikipedia ]. Projects presented range from interpretations of the
> classical approach developed by the Situationists to emerging
> artistic, conceptual and technology-based practices.
> At Conflux, participants, along with attendees and the public, put
> these investigations into action on the city streets. The city
> becomes a playground, a laboratory and a space for the development
> of new networks and communities.
> Here are examples of the types of projects and events we're looking
> for:
> - exploratory drifts/derives
> - walks with hacked maps or experimental navigation techniques
> - by foot, bike, subway, bus
> - social/environmental research and fieldwork
> - workshops
> - temporary public-space installations/interventions
> - performance projects
> - street games
> - mobile-tech/locative media projects
> - social networking projects that focus on cities and urban life
> - project presentations, panel discussions and lectures.
> - film/video works for a film series event.
> - audio projects and musical performances for night events
> Projects may take place in the neighborhood surrounding the
> gallery, in other public-space locations in NYC, in the gallery or
> in a different venue you provide.
> PLEASE NOTE: We are not doing an exhibition this year. You may
> provide handouts, maps, flyers, etc. for your project but not
> artwork for the walls. There will be wi-fi in the gallery.
> Conflux cannot provide individual project funding, but we may be
> able to assist in other ways, such as providing a letter of
> support, the help of our volunteers and discounts at local
> restaurants and other businesses.
> These are the criteria the curators use in selecting projects for
> Conflux:
> 1. Relevance: How does the project relate to psychogeography? Does
> it address issues central to classic psychogeography and/or propose
> new methods? Does the project take a unique approach to exploring/
> understanding/changing the city and/or local neighborhood?
> 2. Experience: How do people experience the project? Is the public
> experience of the project well-thought-through? Does it encourage
> dialogue between the diverse communities of New York City?
> 3. Feasibility: Is the project scope reasonable? Does the project
> have its own funding? Can the participants travel to Conflux with
> their own funds?
> 10 April 2006: Call for Proposals deadline
> 01 May: notifications sent
> 14 - 17 September: Conflux 2006
> Contact
> Glowlab is an artist-run production and publishing lab engaging
> urban public space as the medium for contemporary art and
> technology projects. We track emerging approaches to
> psychogeography, the exploration of the physical and psychological
> landscape of cities. Our annual Conflux festival, exhibitions,
> events and our bi-monthly web-based magazine support a network of
> artists, researchers and technologists around the world.
> In South Slavic, "katun" means "temporary village" and is used to
> designate seasonal communities near pastures and bodies of water.
> iKatun's mission is to foster and develop temporary communities
> that experiment with art, geography and political engagement in
> everyday life. iKatun provides fiscal sponsorship to artists,
> produces experimental educational gatherings such as conferences,
> walks and reading groups, and conducts field research with the
> Institute for Infinitely Small Things.
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> Appel a temoin : vos souvenirs nous interessent
> Nous recherchons les temoignages de toute personne susceptible
> d


Re: a "preventive maintenance issue"

Just fyi, the email address of Mark Enderle, the superintendent of
schools in Fulton (who made the decision) is publicly available on
the Fulton, MO school system website:

On Feb 11, 2006, at 3:40 AM, Christina McPhee wrote:

> In Small Town, 'Grease' Ignites a Culture War
> New York Times
> Published: February 11, 2006