Sal Randolph
Since the beginning
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Sal Randolph lives in New York and makes art involving gift economies, social interactions, public spaces and publishing, including Opsound, an open exchange of copyleft music, the Free Biennial and Free Manifesta, a pair of open, internet-mediated "biennials," Free Words, a book infiltrated into bookstores and libraries, and Money Actions, an ongoing series of interventions in which she has given away several thousand dollars to members of the public. She is currently investigating games, recipes, algorithms, codes, and texts.
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The Love Everybody Movement and The Independent School of Art on INTHECONVERSATION

INTHECONVERSATION is delighted to present two new participatory and
social projects, The Independent School of Art by Jon Rubin, and The
Love Everybody Movement by Heidi Dorow.

The Independent School of Art is a nomadic experimental art school.
Without institutional affiliations, degrees, or public funding, the
school exists solely through the labor and efforts of it's
participants, and thus fosters a proactive approach to college-level
arts education, a real-world model where students are challenged to
determine and create their own artistic realities. The school's
barter-based tuition system makes explicit and direct the social
contract between students and teachers and honors their collective
labor as a vital form of cultural production.

Founded in 2001, the Love Everybody Movement creates one-time-only
events that include performances, spectacle, stunts and feats that
promote love, fun, and community for both participants and viewers.
The Love Everybody Movement also makes puppets, costumes, objects,
installations, videos, publications, merchandise, and accessories.


Re: Bureau of Workplace Interruptions

LOVE this.

thanks Chris.


On Mar 16, 2006, at 10:46 AM, Chris Barr wrote:

> Hi Rhizomers,
> This message is to announce a new participatory project, The Bureau
> of Workplace Interruptions.
> The Bureau of Workplace Interruptions is an "intimate bureaucracy"
> created to challenge our relationship to efficiency and
> productivity. BWI uses interruptive technology such as email, snail
> mail, and the telephone, as well as in-person visits to create
> invisible theatre that steals time from the realm of work and capital.
> Thanks,
> Chris
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please DAMAGE


The DAMAGE project, produced by Brooklyn-based art lab Glowlab, is an
experiment in collaborative damage that starts on the web and ends on
the wall. Check out the site and do some damage:
[requires Flash]

Damage messages added to the website will become part of a gallery
installation featuring a large-scale wall drawing and audio/video works.

Friday, April 7th [6 - 8pm] is the opening reception at DCKT
Contemporary gallery in Chelsea. The first 50 people to the opening
will receive a limited-edition cd with the original music and video
produced for the project. More details on the DAMAGE website.

If you like the project, please help us get the word out and post it/
blog it/pass it on...




this just in from my friend the love artist - if you're not in london
you can make appts for cyber-love.

- S

Begin forwarded message:

From: Kathe Izzo <>
Date: March 13, 2006 7:48:50 AM EST
Cc: Kathe Izzo <>


Please find enclosed the press release for my upcoming love
installation on Kings Road in London . . . THE PUBLIC LOVE PROJECT.
You don't have to be in London to participate. there's plenty of
room for telepathic and cyber love . . just check out the website
( and keep coming back.

Three common myths about the True Love Project:

1. You have to buy time in the True Love Project
2. You have to be a stranger in the True Love Project
3. You have to be prepared for the True Love Project

The Public Love Project/a subsidiary of the True Love Project is an
equal opportunity Love Source, an bottomless supply of True Love.
Forward to your UK friends and wish me well . . I will have all of
you in my heart, love you so, Kathe

an adjunct mission of The True Love Project

March 24


Re: introduction

Hi Beate,

welcome to rhizome!

i enjoyed spending time on your site


On Mar 8, 2006, at 4:40 PM, beate zurwehme wrote:

> hello rhizome,
> i would like to introduce you to myself.
> my name is beate zurwehme, and i live and work in bad homburg near
> frankfurt/main, germany, in gender related media arts and theory.
> more coming soon, a very little in depth you would see on my website.
> nice greetings,
> beate z.
> | interlinking of media
> | practice with gender related issues
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