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Sal Randolph lives in New York and makes art involving gift economies, social interactions, public spaces and publishing, including Opsound, an open exchange of copyleft music, the Free Biennial and Free Manifesta, a pair of open, internet-mediated "biennials," Free Words, a book infiltrated into bookstores and libraries, and Money Actions, an ongoing series of interventions in which she has given away several thousand dollars to members of the public. She is currently investigating games, recipes, algorithms, codes, and texts.
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Re: I have a suggestion for Rhizome...

On Apr 3, 2006, at 1:03 AM, Pall Thayer wrote:

> A short explanation and reasoning follow but the suggestion is for
> a repository of open-sourced code by artists.

Pall, I think this is a great idea -- I believe you're right that
some form of this could be implemented pretty easily, and with great

And since we're talking about ideas for the ArtBase, I'd like to
propose one myself, which I've been thinking about for a while.

Why not make the ArtBase open? Meaning anyone could be a part of it.

Some reasons why I think this would be a good thing:

1) Open systems are more in the spirit of internet art. I think this
is actually the best reason.

2) If the ArtBase is primarily used for research, it should represent
the widest possible ideas of what internet art might be - the best
people to determine the outer boundaries of this may not be curators
(no matter how fabulous and well intentioned) -- especially a small
number of curators -- things on the edge are likely to be less well
understood, and seem less "good" -- artists who feel they are a part
of this community could curate themselves into the ArtBase. This
would leave a richer and more interesting historical record for
future researchers.

3) The ArtBase is pretty big anyway - do we really gain so much by
excluding some projects from it? Obviously this exclusion also
creates frustration, bad feeling, and the loss of some participants
in the community.

What I see as the main likely objections:

1) Artists in the ArtBase benefit from it being a curated space -- it
gives them a kind of seal of approval & looks good on cv's etc.

2) People wanting to learn about internet art benefit from it being a
curated space -- they are less likely to encounter 'bad' art.

I think both of these are easily solvable.

1) The existing ArtBase curators could easily give a kind of Rhizome
Seal of Approval, or Gold Star (obviously with a less silly name) to
as many or as few projects as they liked, picking out the very best
work (from their point of view, of course). This would help people
new to internet art find iconic pieces & offer a kind of award or
status to those artists. The curators do this kind of thing anyway
by putting some pieces into shows and on rhizome news, etc.

2) But more interesting, I think, a user-based tagging system could
be integrated into the ArtBase. Any Rhizome member could add tags to
all the ArtBase works, and this would allow for a potentially rather
wonderful multi-curated space with all kinds of vectors of meaning
and interest. There's a little of this possibility now with the
member curated ArtBase 'shows', but it could go much much farther.
With tags, you can fairly easily have rss feeds for any tag, and this
offers another way for members and others to track what's flowing in
and what's being looked at. A collaborative tag/feed system would
offer much better filtering of the rather gigantic ArtBase than the
current curation-plus-keywords system, and it would have the
potential to scale up much better as the ArtBase grows.

Think of it as open-source curating.

I'd be curious to know anyone's thoughts on this.



Re: net.weight: sculpture/architecture

interesting post!

just fyi, my email program appended an accidental '+' to your url,
resulting in a broken link. (I think melding it with the rhizome sig
in some way...) so here it is again, with more white space

in case that works better for some.


On Apr 3, 2006, at 9:34 AM, rich white wrote:

> ..this is the space that i am interested in, a sculptural space -
> an architectural/spatial manifestation - in the internet that
> affects the viewer's perception...
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welcome back RAW

welcome back RAW, you were missed


Re: RHIZOME_RARE: Net Art News now Rhizome News

a good change IMHO, makes sense in a number of ways.


On Mar 26, 2006, at 9:08 PM, Marisa Olson wrote:

> To view this entire thread, click here:
> 815&text@014#40014
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> Dear Rhizome Readers,
> I'm writing with excitement to announce that we've just changed the
> name
> of Net Art News to Rhizome News.
> You may recall that I posed the question of a name change to you, last
> Fall. We wanted to change it because the editorial focus of Net Art
> News
> had expanded to cover a more diverse range of new media practices,
> both
> online and offline, in order to offer a more accurate and supportive
> reflection of the field.
> Anyway, I'd like to thank those of you who made suggestions for the
> name
> change. As I recall, the discussion was as entertaining and witty
> as it
> was an interesting register of our community's shared vocabulary and
> passion.
> The name change, itself, took a bit longer than anticipated to roll
> into
> effect because we wanted to get past the challenges of implementing an
> ambitious redesign and training a new Director of Technology.
> But in any case, we're Rhizome News now! Thanks, again, for your
> input and
> ongoing support. While I've got your attention, let me point you to
> our
> many feed & syndication options:
> All the best,
> Marisa
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Re: All Systems Go, PAM and Cinemascope on ArtInfo, ArtNet and Art Forum

congrats! nice work.


On Mar 24, 2006, at 7:26 PM, Lee Wells wrote:

> FYI - Here is some of the press Cinemascope has received so far.
> Thank you Rhizome for being a part of the fun.
> Hopefully more to come.
> Cheers,
> Lee
> ArtInfo - Armory Show Report: Day 4
> By Margery Cote
> Art for Free
> Back at Scope, is staging All Systems Go as part of the
> 'Cinema-scope