Sal Randolph
Since the beginning
Works in Brooklyn, New York United States of America

Sal Randolph lives in New York and makes art involving gift economies, social interactions, public spaces and publishing, including Opsound, an open exchange of copyleft music, the Free Biennial and Free Manifesta, a pair of open, internet-mediated "biennials," Free Words, a book infiltrated into bookstores and libraries, and Money Actions, an ongoing series of interventions in which she has given away several thousand dollars to members of the public. She is currently investigating games, recipes, algorithms, codes, and texts.
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: : Art Leisure Instead of Art Work: Randall Szott of LeisureArts and Dilettante Ventures talks to intheconversation about collections, cooking, and infra-institutional activity. : : Randall Szott and Pamela Fraser are starting an exhibition and event series in their home called He Said, She Said.

: : Field Test: Hideous Beast's investigative restaging of N55's iconic SHOP. Exploring reenactment as a form of critical theory, Josh Ippel and Charlie Roderick's report back from their field testing of N55's SHOP at the Open Engagement Conference. : : Hideous Beast is currently conducting a new Field Test at XPACE in Toronto.

: : Service-Works: Josh Greene funds his own series of artist grants with nights of waiting tables. Intheconversation presents a selection of four Service-Works grant projects by Helena Keeffe, Jenny Zhang, Amanda Herman, and Stuart Keeler with stories about the nights Josh Greene spent earning the money to fund them. : : Josh Greene's Some Parts Might Be Greater Than the Whole: A Social Studies Initiative is on view now at the Arizona State University Art Museum.

INTHECONVERSATION presents texts and documents about experiential, participatory and social artworks. Your comments are welcome.

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Let's help Turbulence!!!

Here here to supporting both Turbulence and Rhizome!!! We need both,
and both need us.


On Dec 10, 2007, at 11:48 AM, nathaniel stern wrote:

> I'll second Tim's second. I'm a broke artist/phd student/new dad, and
> I made my daughter wear the same nappy for 2 weeks in a row so that I
> could donate to both turbulence and rhizome (nappy will be on ebay
> auction next week...).
> ok, the second part was a lie; but the "i'm broke but i still gave
> them money" part is true.
> On Dec 10, 2007 3:59 PM, T.Whid <> wrote:
>> I've donated to Turbulence and Rhizome this year and encourage
>> everyone to do so.
>> Turbulence has been, along with Rhizome, one of the most important
>> supporters of net art.
>> We all believe in net art as a medium. We don't want it to slide into
>> obscurity. It can happen.
>> Supporting Turbulence and Rhizome is important for the medium's
>> history and it's future.
>> Donate some cash now :-)
>> On Dec 10, 2007 10:05 AM, marc garrett
>> <> wrote:
>>> Hi Everyone,
>>> Please go to Turbulence ( and make a
>>> donation now.
>>> I really, really think that everyone should be gathering a
>>> momentum in
>>> supporting Turbulence right now.
>>> The positive and cultural impact that they have had in supporting
>>> and
>>> nurturing the continuation of a lively and dynamic Internet and
>>> media
>>> art culture, has been pretty solid through the years.
>>> Many artists and artist groups have gained not only decent
>>> commissions
>>> from Turbulence but they have also experienced, productive
>>> results from
>>> their involvement with Turbulence regarding representation and other
>>> relevant connections that feed the much needed process of
>>> becoming seen
>>> by a larger audience. Their unique and flexible approach with
>>> working
>>> with artists is noted and respected, we could do with a few more
>>> groups
>>> like them out there.
>>> I am not exactly rolling in cash, but I have made an effort in
>>> contributing some money today. I want those who value our media art
>>> culture to give their money and support to Turbulence also. I do not
>>> just hope that Turbulence gets past this troubling period, but I
>>> also
>>> personally need reassurance that there are plenty of people out
>>> there
>>> who are interested in contributing to a sustainable future of groups
>>> such as Turbulence beyond mere, personal and immediate needs; that
>>> people are still interested in trying to maintain a creative
>>> field that
>>> does not only rely on traditional structures to justify our shared
>>> imaginations.
>>> We need these progressive platforms to keep our work and potential
>>> growth around it alive.
>>> We need them all. Feed them and they feed us - it's simple.
>>> So, please do not waste time and help them out before it's too late.
>>> Wishing everyone well.
>>> marc
>>>> Many of you may not realize that we are a tiny, not-for-profit
>>>> organization.
>>>> Helen and I spend much of our time raising funds from government
>>>> and private
>>>> foundations to commission networked art. Our mission is to
>>>> support both
>>>> emerging and established artists.
>>>> There are very few resources for new media/networked art in the
>>>> United
>>>> States, which makes the process highly competitive. When we
>>>> succeed, we are
>>>> only entitled to use a very small percentage of the grants for
>>>> server
>>>> maintenance and administrative overhead, which translates into
>>>> inadequate
>>>> salaries for ourselves and our system administrator.
>>>> Our passion for the field has fueled our commitment for many
>>>> years, but we
>>>> can no longer sustain Turbulence, Networked Performance and
>>>> Networked Music
>>>> Review without your help. We hope you value them enough to help
>>>> us keep them
>>>> alive.
>>>> Please go to Turbulence ( and make a
>>>> donation now.
>>>> Sincerely,
>>>> Jo and Helen
>>>> Jo-Anne Green, Co-Director
>>>> New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc.:
>>>> New York: 917.548.7780 . Boston: 617.522.3856
>>>> Turbulence:
>>>> Networked_Performance Blog:
>>>> Networked_Music_Review:
>>>> networked_music_review
>>>> Upgrade! Boston:
>>>> New American Radio:
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> nathaniel
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You are invited to contribute to the creation of a Free Press

Sat Aug 05, 2006 15:13

Free Press

This summer and fall you are invited to contribute to the creation of
an open-access publishing house, a "Free Press," to be launched at
Roda Sten contemporary art center in Goteborg, Sweden. A project of
artist Sal Randolph, Free Press will accept all kinds of writing from
the public; contributions in any language can be as short as a single
word or as long as an encyclopedia and can include manifestos,
statements, documentations, studies, stories, recipes, poems and
whatever you can imagine.

"Even in the age of the internet, book publishing is a walled garden
where editors and commercial interests filter out most of what is
written," says Randolph. "To publish is to 'make public,' and the
published materials of the world create their own kind of public
space, a city of books where readers and writers are citizens. Free
Press aims to open up access to that public space. Like any city,
Free Press is bound to include both ugliness and beauty, though the
definitions of each will certainly differ."

All participating manuscripts will be published as printed books in
the Free Press series, available in the project's library and reading
room at Roda Sten, where events and discussions will also take place.
Additional copies will be placed on shelves in local bookstores and
libraries. Readers will be able to download copies from the website
and order them at cost from an internet book printer.

Free Press builds on several earlier projects by the artist -- in
particular, Free Words, where 3000 copies of a free book were
infiltrated onto the shelves of bookstores and libraries by a
worldwide network of volunteers, Opsound, a gift economy of music,
and Free Biennial/Free Manifesta, in which the form of an art
biennale was appropriated and re-imagined to create large open-
participation exhibitions of free art in the public spaces of New
York and Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In her work, Randolph explores
the effects of gifts and gift-economies in the creation of social
architectures. ( )

The Free Press exhibition will take place from September 17 - October
20, 2006 at Roda Sten ( ).

Free Press:

Call for Participation:

Free Press is looking for writing of all kinds - any language, any
style, genre or subject matter, experimental or traditional,
unpublished or previously published.

Manifestos, artists statements and conceptual/experimental texts are
especially welcomed, as well as writing about gifts and gift
economies, open systems, freedom of expression, censorship,
surveillance, intellectual property, the commons & the public domain,
anarchy, cooperation, political philosophy, alternative economies,
public space, urbanism, situationism & psychogeography, conceptual,
performance, and participatory art, graffiti and street art,
distributed creativity, social software, virtual worlds, open source,
happenings, the 1960s, the future, utopian and postutopian visions.

All material included in the Free Press project will be released
under Creative Commons licenses ( ) which
will allow the texts to be printed and freely shared.

Deadlines: Texts will be accepted through the Free Press website
starting August 1, 2006 continuing through the end of the exhibition
on October 20. However, if you wish your text to appear in the
gallery, please allow for publication time (2-4 weeks) and send it as
soon as possible, certainly before the end of September. If you want
your book to be there at the opening (September 17), send your text now!

For guidelines and more information please visit: http://

About Roda Sten

Roda Sten is a cultural center in Goteborg, Sweden. Roda Sten is also
a cultural landmark which lies on the sea entrance to the city and is
a popular port of call for many who take a stroll on the banks of the
harbour. Once housing the huge industrial boiler, Roda Sten today is
an exeptional centre of the arts. It entices and fascinates with it


Re: online game performance art

Thanks Andrej, thanks Charles!

Interesting viewing all. More please! I think Charles project came
closest to what I was imagining -- actually using the in-game space.
Other projects?


On May 1, 2006, at 4:14 PM, Charles Sheppard wrote:

> Allow me to toot my own horn.
> Both are video documentations of a project I called "interactive
> digital performance art" in which I use the gamespace as my 3D
> environment.

On May 1, 2006, at 4:14 PM, Andrej Tisma wrote:
> I think this web site commemorates those victims in good maner too:
> also this flash animation:
> ________________
> Andrej Tisma - artist, art critic and curator


Re: Fwd: Video of Mayday for Migrant Rights

among other things a nice example of ways to use specific tags across
a variety of sites/media (picking a tag that is unlikely to be used
accidentally, and encouraging people to use it for a special project).


On May 1, 2006, at 1:53 PM, Ryan Griffis wrote:

> Begin forwarded message:
>> Video of Mayday for Migrant Rights
>> The following is a list of links and instructions for people who
>> plan to
>> shoot video during the May 1st mobilizations, boycott, and general
>> strike for migrant rights, and want to share their footage widely
>> with
>> others.
>> Step 1. Upload your May 1st videos, to a site that will host them for
>> free, forever. For example:
>> - - Indymedia Video:
>> - -
>> - - Our Media:
>> - - Your local Independent Media Center
>> Step 2. Make it easy for others to find your video by tagging it
>> 'noborders.' For example:
>> - - Videobomb:
>> To add your video to the videobomb noborders channel, go to
>> Create an account, then click 'Submit a Video,'
>> and be sure to tag it with the term 'noborders'
>> - -
>> Post info about your video to the Media Rights open channel on
>> immigrant
>> rights: - or the link directly to the
>> publishing form is here:
>> - -
>> After you upload your video, use to tag it
>> 'noborders.' If you don't have a account and you don't
>> want
>> to make one, just login as 'noborders' with password 'sinfronteras.'
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