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Select Media Festival Chicago

*Select Media festival 5
Deadline for projects: September 7, 2006
contact: ed (at)
Select Media Festival 5 takes place Oct 13 to Oct 22, 2006 throughout

SMF5: The DIY Academy
We are seeking documentaries, short films, animations, new media projects,
workshops, skillshares, presentations and media to share and present.

Select Media Festival features video programs, brand new media,
installations, performance programs, street art, public projects as well as
experimental and advanced music. Our goal is to share innovative art and
technology projects as well as culturally and socially charged work. The
festival is produced by Public Media Institute and Lumpen. It is organized
by artists and activists from Chicago.

This years festivals components include:

The Film/Video Program

TLVSN: we will be airing and creating cable tv episodes during the festival.
You can send us your tv to air on cable access too.

The Other net and The Brand New Media: Net based and technology driven
projects, and the new media channels.

Performance Program: Live music and performance.

DIY Academy : How to XYZ :: This year we want to share ideas strategies and
practical applications for intervention, agitation and public. Workshops,
skillshares, presentations and ideas on how to __ the __ are welcome.

Please help us re-ignite dormant forces.

Contact and questions to edmar: ed (at)

Send material to:

Select Media Festival 5
960 W 31st St
Chicago Il 60608


Call for Work: Making IT exhibition at Mess Hall, Chicago

MAKING "IT" will be an exhibit exploring the process and labor of creative
practice and it's relationship to the "work" that supplants and/or supports


Are you making "IT"? Your artwork? A living? What is the "IT" that you make?
Can you make "IT" full time or do you have to work for wages? Do you find
you have to work so much to survive that you can't do "IT" anymore? What
then replaces "IT" as your creative output?

Are you a worker harboring artistic dreams or an artist who dreams while
working the 9 to 5? Have you experienced a sudden and unexplained calling to
make art, or have you always believed you were an artist struggling to be
free to create? Do you decorate your workspace? Your car? Your body? How is
your creative output informed or inhibited by your wage-job, your social
interactions, your everyday experiences?


All media will be considered. This exhibit will consider equally
submissions that might elsewhere be categorized "outsider", "folk", or
"craft" along with submissions that might elsewhere be considered "fine
art". We reject such categorizations and view all creative practices as
artistic output.

Performance submissions must be summarized, described and specified as to
length of time of performance, amount of space needed to perform, and any
other specifications or details.

Submissions will be accepted in digital file format no larger than 600 x 800

Please title the images with your last name and then the image number. For


Please submit a corresponding "slide" list including title, materials used,
description of the image and a brief artist statement addressing aspects of
the above thematic questions that you are responding to and that you feel
apply to you. Digital submissions should be e-mailed to

Submissions of physical slides or photos with accompanying slide or photo
list including title, materials used, description and brief artist statement
may also be made by snail mail to:

Making IT
c/o Mess Hall
6932 N. Glenwood Ave.
Chicago, IL 60626

Those in the Chicago area can also drop off their work in the Mess Hall
mailbox on our front door.

Chicago area exhibitors may be asked to install their own work. Those in the
Chicago area during the exhibition dates may also be asked to "gallery sit"
for one four to six-hour shift on a Thursday evening or a Saturday or Sunday


Submission deadline is *Friday, August 4, 2006* (5 pm CST for digital

The exhibit will open Thursday, August 10, 2006 at Mess Hall in Chicago. It
will close Sunday, September 17, 2006.

We will accept as much work as we can find space for, but please be warned
that Mess Hall is a small storefront space. Therefore, smaller pieces will
have an advantage.

There will be an opening reception, along with Thursday evening discussions,
Sunday brunch potlucks, artist demonstrations, and/or other related events
culminating in a closing de-installation party on Sunday September 17.

Please contact Diana Berek or Marianne Fairbanks for more information by
e-mail at

Mess Hall, a non-commercial resource in the Rogers Park neighborhood of
Chicago. Mess Hall hosts a printed matter archive, exhibitions, workshops,
lectures, public projects, actions, events, meals, and more.

Mess Hall
6932 N Glenwood, Chicago
just across from the Morse stop on the Red Line
(773) 465-4033 for schedule updates


Hand-Painted Signs: Call for Information or Images

Tue Jun 27, 2006 13:34

Fresh Cuts: Open Call for Material about Hand-Painted Signs


Mess Hall wants to know more about hand-painted signs in Chicago and beyond.

Hand-painted signs advertise all kinds of things: services available and rooms for rent, yesterday's sale and tomorrow's move, nursing supplies, motor oil, or fresh tomatillas. Signs mark territory and make declarations.

Styles of hand-painted signs range from simple typography to vernacular imagery to idiosyncratic flair. Their makers include craftspeople, businesses, itinerant painters, activists, artists, or anyone with something to sell or something to say.

We want to know more about these signs and the people who make them. As a start, we're looking for pictures of your favorite hand-painted signs and stories about why you care about them. If you know who made them (or if you know any sign painters), let us know that too.


DEADLINE JULY 3, 2006 for email submissions

--Send digital files to


--Drop off hard copies at Mess Hall in Chicago by July 3.

--Materials received by July 3 will be presented in the Fresh Cuts exhibition at Mess Hall (July 7-August 6, 2006) and added to the Fresh Cuts exhibition archive.

--After July 3, those in Chicago can **bring materials to the space and add them to
the display---d.i.y. materials provided.** We can't guarantee that email submissions received after July 3 will be displayed.

Hard copy: up to 8 1/2 x 11 inches
Digital file: 300 dpi


Please answer these questions and include your answers with your submission:

--Where is this sign?
--When was it photographed?
--Do you know who made it? If so, who?
--Why do you care about it?

--Hard copy: print on 8 1/2 x 11 paper
--Digital file: format for 8 1/2 x 11 paper (if possible); Word or PDF files are best

For more information, contact Mess Hall at, Stephanie Smith, Jane Palmer, or Marianne Fairbanks (organizers) at or call 1-773-465-4033.

Those in Chicago, please join us for an opening party at Mess Hall on Friday, July 7 from 7-10 pm!

Mess Hall is an experimental cultural center in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago. Mess Hall hosts a printed matter archive, exhibitions, workshops, lectures, public projects, actions, events, meals, and more. All events at Mess Hall are offered free of charge.

Mess Hall
6932 N Glenwood, Chicago
just across from the Morse stop on the Red Line
(773) 465-4033