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works primarily with net art and video. Her works consistently aim at integrating use of technology and aesthetic/conceptual/social discourses. more info at
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Hz #15, September 2010

Mon Sep 27, 2010 00:00 - Mon Sep 27, 2010

New Issue of Hz
Hz #15, September 2010

"Towards a Soundly Ecstatic Electronica" by Joseph Nechvatal
Artist/art theoretician Joseph Nechvatal's text deals with a phantasmagorical theorization of electronic-based sound art that places sound art in the context of the abstract unlimited-field of representation made possible by electronic communications.

"Of Ultrasound, Art and Science" by Michael Dotolo
Multimedia artist/musician Michael Dotolo discusses sound art in the context of art-science relating to ultrasound. "My intent in studying the invisible sonic spectrum is to understand the importance that these frequencies bare on the complex communicative fabric of the natural and technological aspects of our lives."

"Acoustics, Not Theatre" by Adrian Knight
Composer Adrian Knight: "Sound, time and space are our way of dividing a multidimensional reality into manageable subunits. Sound in time and space constitute what we call music….[O]f these three subunits, space is the most complex, and also most dependent on social and architectural necessity and availability"

"Iannis Xenakis: Form and Transformation" by JD Pirtle
"Avant-garde composer, architect and music theorist Iannis Xenakis consistently pushed the boundaries of music, mathematics, architecture and science in his work." Artist JD Pirtle examines Xenakis' hybridised and interdisciplinary practice in which Xenakis was able to "augment, transform, invert or rotate" the many ways architecture and music are related.

"James Turrell's Mendota Stoppages and Roden Crater: When the Studio and the Art Become One" by JD Pirtle
Artist JD Pirtle reviews the relation between the space and the art in the practice of James Turrell, whose early departure from the white cube tradition manifests break-down of the division "studio, non-studio, anti-studio." Two of Turrell’s pieces, Mendota Stoppages and Roden Crater are revisited.

"Teorema Ritournelle" by Chritina McPhee
Chritina McPhee: "This text came into being as I struggled to explain to myself why the idea of a witness, or wit(h)nessing could apply to the status of an object like a drawing. Teorema Ritournelle turns on some observations and flights around Pasolini's film TEOREMA, and applies them to the transposition of drawings into presences of an inordinate kind."


Hz is published by the non-profit organization Fylkingen in Stockholm. Established in 1933, Fylkingen has been known for introducing yet-to-be-established art forms throughout its history. Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Cage, Stelarc, etc. have all been introduced to the Swedish audience through Fylkingen. Its members consist of leading composers, musicians, sound artists, dancers, performance artists and video artists in Sweden.

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Yoshikaze presents Alan Sondheim

Wed Sep 15, 2010 00:00 - Tue Sep 14, 2010



Second Life Yoshikaze "Up-in-the-Air" Residency presents

Alan Sondheim

15 -22 September, 2010
@HUMlab, Umeå University, Sweden

Opening hours : 8AM-4PM (Weekdays)

Opening : 2PM-4PM, 15 September, 2010
Artist present via video link from New York

Yoshikaze "Up-in-the-Air" Residency is glad to present work by Alan Sondheim at HUMlab, Umeå University in Sweden. The exhibition runs between 15th and 22nd of September, and will show A. Sondheim's work completed during his residency at Yoshikaze on HUMlab Island in Second Life.

Yoshikaze "Up-in-the-Air" Residency is a new Second Life residency programme run by Sachiko Hayashi together with sim manager James Barrett from HUMlab, Umeå University. Alan Sondheim has been Yoshikaze's first artist-in-residence since 20 May, during which time he has produced tremendous amount of work of highest quality in Second Life. These works, which have been documented as machinimas, audio files and still images, will be shown on eleven monitors in HUMlab's brand new exhibition space at Umeå University.

Alan Sondheim:

"For the past several months, as a result of the HUMlab residency, I've been working on avatars and installations in the virtual world Second Life. My main concerns have been the relationship between narrative and architecture, the relationship between language (inscription) and a 'natural' virtual world, the creation of installations that have no referents in the physical world, and the interrelationships among body, sexuality, language, and virtuality….
The images, videos, and documents in this exhibition reflect the varied stages of the installation and performance work. I'm fascinated with the idea of creating the inconceivable, working always in dialog with the software and hardware themselves. And I'm driven, above all, by two things - a real sense of wonder about the world, and the desire to know as much as I can about its structure and phenomenology. Serious play in virtual worlds is an amazingly productive process in this regard, resulting in what I call 'ontological mashups' that seem to constitute the very substance of our being."

In conjunction with HUMlab exhibition, Yoshikaze Studio in Second Life will be open to the public. Between 15-22 September, please visit to experience Alan Sondheim's work inworld.

Yoshikaze Curator: Sachiko Hayashi
SL-HUMlab Manager: James Barrett

Yoshikaze Blog:
Yoshikaze on Vimeo:

HUMlab is an internationally established platform for the digital humanities and new media. Centered around an exciting studio environment of about 500 m2, HUMlab offers interesting technology, prominent international visitors, often several simultaneously ongoing activiites and a rich mixture of competences and interests. Over the years HUMlab has received internationally renowned guest lecturers, among them Katherine Hayles and Steina Vasulka.
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Sun Sep 05, 2010 00:00

On-line journal Hz ( ) is looking for articles on New Media, Net Art, Sound Art, Electro-Acoustic Music, Virtual World/Machinima. We accept earlier published and unpublished articles in English. Please send your submissions to

Deadline: 5 September, 2010

Hz is published by the non-profit organization Fylkingen in Stockholm. Established in 1933, Fylkingen has been known for introducing yet-to-be-established art forms throughout its history. Nam June Paik, Stockhausen, Cage, Stelarc, etc. have all been introduced to the Swedish audience through Fylkingen. Its members consist of leading composers, musicians, sound artists, dancers, performance artists and video artists in Sweden.

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Second Life artist-in-residence: Yoshikaze

Mon May 24, 2010 00:00 - Mon May 24, 2010

Second Life artist-in-residence: Yoshikaze "Up-In-The-Air


Yoshikaze is an artists' studio in Second Life, run by Goodwind Seiling/Sachiko Hayashi with support from Humlab, Umeå University, Sweden. Its main activity is to provide SL-Artist-In-Residence (Up-in-the-air Residency). The residency is project based and can be applied to throughout the year. The artist is expected to give at least one presentation of the project at the end of the residency. The residency length is normally 1-3 months.

Our first artist-in-residence: Alan Sondheim:


"Well/Brane is both installation and performance space. with the former, I want to extend the idea of "negotiated space," a space in SL that is inherently uncomfortable, impossible to move through....The basic concept is that, within the space, one is utterly lost, among the 'alien.'

1. To further explore dance/choreographic/behavioral issues in SL.
2. To further explore these within complex negotiated environments.
3. To explore media-modified environments with contradictory video/audio materials.
4. To explore narratologies and performances in these environments.
5. To relate all of this to a developing philosophy of difference and contradiction."

For more information:
Information on SL humlab: RL humlab:
Yoshikaze location:


Mon Dec 21, 2009 00:00 - Mon Dec 21, 2009

Hz #14 December 2009


Ephemeron: Control Over Self-Organised Music
by Phivos-Angelos Kollias

"The present paper discusses an alternative approach to electroacoustic composition based on principles of the interdisciplinary scientific field of Systemics." Composer Phivos-Angelos Kollias discusses the approaches of Xenakis and of Di Scipio as well as his own composition Ephemeron in relation to Systemics.

Metal and Wind: Bertoia and the Space of Reverie
by Michael Filimowicz

"Offering to the Wind, as the Bertoia sound sculpture is now known, offers one possible solution to the problem of soundscape design for the city's places of leisure and reverie...It reverses a certain urban deafness, returning the possibility of silences between sounds, producing a quietude in the midst of the city roar. "

Embodiment and Technology: Towards a Utopian Dialectic
by Belinda Haikes

David Rokeby's A Very Nervous System and Steve Mann's Wearable Computer are discussed in this essay as examples of "Utopian quest for technological embodiment... ... that seeks to move beyond the anxiety of new media and to position our culture to examine the space between the ultimate dialectics, that of man and the machine."

Sensory Substitution
by judsoN

"There is some debate whether cases of sensory substitution are the results of imaginativeness, psychological effects or neurological (mis-)wiring....We have evidence such substitutions do happen....Whether or not Wagner, Klee or Kandinsky actually had synesthesia, there is a rich history of people equating one type of sensory stimuli for another."

Chong! A Parallel Environment
by Joaquin Gasgonia Palencia

"Chong! endeavors to showcase an interfacial encounter between humans and robots, much like human peers meeting for the first time, without the robot having to fulfill a function.... The end purpose of this environmental installation is to give the human a small window into how a robot may perceive humans and how it processes that information."

Artistic Textual and Performative Paths in New Media Correlations: An Interview with Annie Abrahams
by Evelin Stermitz

Evelin Stermitz' interview with net artist Annie Abrahams, whose "works are structured on both digitized hyper and on site realities. She constructs forms of collective writings on the net and reconstructs them into offline perceptions, which leads to creations of net-operas and other web based interventions."

Progressions: Toward a Poetic Improvisation of Listening
by Brian Schorn

Brian Schorn's poems here "...are an attempt to create a writing environment parallel to that of musical using the Surrealist technique of automatic writing while listening to a representative number of improvised recordings....Six classifications of improvisation and nine composer/performers were used to generate the writings..."

[Net Art]

Buffalo weekly videos by Alysse Stephanian
The Natual "High-Times" Sound Shuttle by Rudi Punzo
Baptize by Aaron Oldenburg
In His Memory (Starman) by Aaron Higgins
Keyword Intervention by Owen Mundy
Radiant Copenhagen by Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum