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Works in Falerum Sweden

works primarily with net art and video. Her works consistently aim at integrating use of technology and aesthetic/conceptual/social discourses. more info at
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Call for Articles

Call for Articles:

On-line journal Hz ( is accepting articles on New
Media, Net Art, Electronic Music, Sound Art for its next issue.
Earlier published and unpublished articles in English are welcomed.
Please send your submissions to . Dead-line: 15
May, 2005.

Hz is published by Fylkingen, a non-profit art organization in
Stockholm. Established in 1933, Fylkingen has been promoting new and
experimental art forms throughout its history. For more information,
visit or

For inquiry, please contact

Sachiko Hayashi/Hz



Hz #5 (december 2004) presents

GoingPublik:Mobile Multimedia as Mixed Reality - Art Clay
New Media, New Narrative -David Crawford
Virtual Constructions: The Standards of Utopia - Annett Zinsmeister
Negotiating Identities - Jette Sandahl
Where Has All the Cat Soup Gone: An Investigation of Manga Artist
Suicides - Thom Bailey
A Sequence of Experiences - Krystal Taylor

Hz Net Gallery:
special feature - Han Hoogerbrugge
Modern Living/Neurotica series (1998-2001)
Flow (2001)
Spin (2002)
Hotel (2004-2005)
Nails (2002-...)


Sound artist Art Clay reports about his project, GoingPublik, a
collaboration with two Swiss scientists to develop a real-time mobile
multimedia tool for music performers by using ideas of kinetic art .
New media artist David Crawford discusses the works of three net
artists (John Cabral, Mouchette and Mumbleboy) that "enable users to
make successive investments deeper layers, with the initial layer being
the lynchpin. "
Annett Zinsmeister, Professor in Theory, Architecture and Design, takes
us through a historical overview of inter-relations between design
tools and our thoughts from the Renaissance through the 20th century
architechture to today's virtual world of "the Sims."
Jette Sandahl, Director of National Museum of World Culture in
Gothenburg, ponders over the issue of identity in our mobile and
multi-cultural society and the question of curation for such national
institutions as national museums.
Thom Bailey reports on high suicidal rates amongst manga artists in
Japan and his observation over the social conditions where the
"population simultaneously praises its manga as an inimitable cultural
treasure, and damns it as a corruptor of traditional values."
Krystal Taylor reports on Lee Welch's exhibition (Ireland and UK)
where, by using his portraits only, he investigates trace and
perception of time.


call for articles

call for articles:

Hz ( is looking for articles on net art, new media,
electronic music/electro-acoustic music and sound art. Previously
published/unpublished articles in English are welcomed. Please send
your submissions to

Hz is published by Fylkingen, a non-profit art organization in
Stockholm. Established in 1933, Fylkingen has been promoting new and
experimental art forms throughout its history. For more information,
visit or


Hz New Issue

Hz New Issue, June 2004


"Grain, Sequence, System":
Three Levels of Reception in the Performance of Laptop Music
by Kim Cascone

Something Third, Other
by Petra Gemeinboeck

Japan In Scandinavia:
Cultural Cliches in Receptions of Works by Mori Mariko
by Gunhild Borggreen
Visons of the Present in Retrospect
by Teddy Hultberg

Net Art

Vector Defenders by On Click
Inflat-O-Scape by Jessica Irish
Invisible Maps by Paul Catanese
Turns by Margot Lovejoy


Hz is an on-line magazine published by non-profit arts organization
Fylkingen in Stockholm. Fylkingen, established in 1933, is the oldest
forum for experimental art forms in Sweden. For more information,
please visit


Re: Hz New Issue

i am writing this again as i noticed my message never really got through. i contacted the technical adviser how this was possible but in the meantime, you get this message again, hopefully with the full text this time.


The new issue of Hz is now out at

In this issue Hz presents the following articles:

The Aesthetics of Failure: "Post-Digital" Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music by Kim Cascone

Virtual Memorial: A Memorial As A Process - A Model of The World by Agricola de Cologne

Notes on Critical Black U.S. Performance Art and Artists by Clifford Owens

The Edge of Artlessness: The video reflection, snap-shot, family and self-portraiture; and almost losing it all by jim Jeffers

(Swedish) Industrimusiken - Fran elektroonisk pornografi till ockultism by Guido Zeccola

Hz Net Gallery presents the following 5 net art works:

confrontation by Annie Abraham & Clement Charmet

Twice-told Tales by Nicholas Economos

Hidden by Isabel Saij

Solenoides by Tamara Lai

Stop Motion Studies by David Crawford

Hz is a web journal published by Fylkingen in Stockholm. Fylkingen is a non-profit art organization, established in 1933, the oldest forum for experimental music and intermedia art in Sweden. Throughout its history Fylkingen has been the driving force in the Swedish art scene to introduce and promote unestablished art forms, the example of which include the music of Bartok and the video works of Nam June Paik as well as electro-acoustic music during the '50s. Our members today consist of leading composers/musicians, performance artists/dancers, visual artists, etc..

Hz will be accepting submissions of articles and net art works for the next number, due to be out in March/April 2004.
We are interested in
previously published or unpublished on the topic of new media/net art/digital music between 800 and 4000 words (preferably more than 1000 words) in English in RTF or word format. Please send in your article as an attachment to, subject: article submission.
Net Art:
interactive only. Please submit your URL, brief description of the work and short bio (or URL of your CV site) to, subject: net art submission.

Hz Net Gallery: