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TheArtMob.net enters week 3 of month long SMS project!

TheArtMob.net enters week 3 of month long SMS project!

Weeks one and two have gone off without a hitch. Here’s where it’s going to get interesting. Weeks three and four of artist in residence Benjamin Thomas's texts will call for participation using your body and your camera phone. It starts tomorrow with Community Service Week. Instructions for personal public performance are coming right to your cell phone so get ready to make it happen!

It’s not too late to subscribe. Just send a text message to art(at)theartmob.net to get started! You’ll only get one text from us a day and can unsubscribe at any time. There’s only two weeks left so hop on now! (see TheArtMob.net if you need more details and info on subscription).


Introducing The Artmob (beta)

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The Artmob is pleased to announce its pilot project from artist Benjamin Thomas. Benjamin's work on OBFAT introduces "Original Advice and Inspirational Phrases" to the public under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike licence. Phrases are sometimes matched with typeset and graphics by Benjamin.

For 30 days, Benjamin Thomas will be broadcasting phrases, graphics, and calls for participation via SMS/MMS direct to subscriber's mobile phones through The Artmob. To find out more and subscribe please visit TheArtmob.net.

The Artmob is a new project currently in its pilot stage. We are devoted to curating and commissioning art for mobile devices. Artmob will also provide resources for artists to create mobile content in effort to expand the dialogue on mobile media into the artist realm. For more info and contact information please visit TheArtmob.net.

As of today (3/20) we're two days in to our pilot project. Subscribe now!