ryan griffis
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Ryan Griffis currently teaches new media art at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He often works under the name Temporary Travel Office and collaborates with many other writers, artists, activists and interesting people in the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor.
The Temporary Travel Office produces a variety of services relating to tourism and technology aimed at exploring the non-rational connections existing between public and private spaces. The Travel Office has operated in a variety of locations, including Missouri, Chicago, Southern California and Norway.

Day-to-Day Data

Makes blogging seem almost sane. Day-to-Day Data exhibits the work of artists who seek inspiration from insignificant details in their own or the publics’ everyday lives - artists who use daily experience as research material from which to obtain their data.


akamai net usage index

akamai technologies, which hosts & caches Internet content for other major companies, has just launched a new website that shows the aggregate network traffic to indicate the interest in major news events in real time. the website tracks the number of viewers per minute by geography from about 100 major news sites, & identifies the times of day when news viewing peaks in different parts of the world. the according visualization displays spikes in network traffic, revealing a 'coming wave of news demand' so websites can get prepared in time.


New on Rhizome.org: Track your Location by city!

Today, the Rhizome Location feature is getting even better: We're going to start creating city nodes, too, so people can list themselves, and find other people, by cities.


Call for proposals: The Infinite Genealogy: Intercultural Approaches to New Media Art

Call for proposals
The Infinite Genealogy: Intercultural Approaches to New Media Art
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, May 2006

The Infinite Genealogy is a conference for international scholars, artists, and researchers from a variety of fields to explore non-Western genealogies and intercultural understandings of contemporary new media art. Submissions are invited for papers and artists’ presentations and performances.

Deadline: December 1, 2005


Visavisgames: mobile & pervasive

Julian Bleecker, one of the most insightful observers of cyberculture, is involved with a startup, Visavisgames, which will be previewed Tuesday from 11-noon at Guerilla Studio's Games Atelier booth at SIGGRAPH:

Live Vis A Vis 150X150 demo video

We're developing a new kind of game experience using outdoor viewable mobile devices that anticipate the near-future of pervasive electronic gaming. These devices range in size from about that of a tiny laptop, to the size of a small book. We then configure these portable mobile devices with a GPS sensor that measure your location in the real world, and orientation sensors that can tell precisely where you're looking. This combination makes for designs that represent a true innovation in game play.