ryan griffis
Since 2002
Works in United States of America

Ryan Griffis currently teaches new media art at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He often works under the name Temporary Travel Office and collaborates with many other writers, artists, activists and interesting people in the Midwest Radical Culture Corridor.
The Temporary Travel Office produces a variety of services relating to tourism and technology aimed at exploring the non-rational connections existing between public and private spaces. The Travel Office has operated in a variety of locations, including Missouri, Chicago, Southern California and Norway.

What locative media can learn from archaeology

One thing at a time, here's the draft version of a paper Matt Ward and I recently wrote for a Leonardo Electronic Almanac special issue on locative media. Comments are welcome.

Locative Media as Socialising and Spatialising Practices: Learning from Archaeology (pdf)

Abstract. Pervasive computing and locative media are emerging as technologies and processes that promise to reconfigure our understandings and experiences of space and culture. With the critical hand of material and cultural studies, we start to shape questions about locative media representations of urban mobilities, and begin to unearth some of the struggles and tensions that exist within these fields of operation. By looking at archaeology’s constitutive processes of collection, ordering and display we highlight some of the problems found in mapping people and objects in space and time, and ask what kinds of social/spatial relations are made possible in particular locative media projects. Ultimately, we take archaeology’s critical focus on authorship and ownership, explain its relevance to locative media, and suggest questions to consider in the future research and design of locative media.


public storyboard

a public sign located on Hayes Island, to which users can post a message by sending a text to 07929 461727. the intention for the project is to encourage members of the public to find a new use for these signs, which usually carry mundane but important traffic & road safety information. see also public air quality indicator. [mayyouliveininterestingtimes.com|via textually.org]


Call for Presentations - A new international performance conference

Two Thousand + SIX
< << A new international conference focusing on performance in technology mediated environments >>>

This new conference will kick off as part of the 2006 Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music (www.sonorities.org.uk), hosted at the Sonic Arts Research Center, Queen's University Belfast.


Earthquake site

News reports the "international Red Cross today opened up an internet site to help relatives who are trying to get in touch with family members living in areas affected by the earthquake in South Asia.The website allows people in the region to register as "safe and well", either directly or through local Red Crescent staff, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) said in a statement. Relatives can also consult the list of those who have registered and search for names. Information from the website will also be displayed in public places locally in Pakistan, India and Afghanistan or broadcast by radio, the ICRC said".

Red Cross launches quake site