Robyn Voshardt / Sven Humphrey
Since 2006
Works in New York, New York United States of America

Voshardt/Humphrey explore states of being and patterns of thinking - from anxiety and restlessness to motivation and control - on personal, social, and institutional levels. Their wide-ranging inquiry contrasts claustrophobic interiors with outdoor spaces, analog and digital sources, color with black and white, and small to large scale. Though much of their imagery seems uninhabited, appearing like a mise-en-scène minus characters, on closer inspection one finds evidence of human tampering, management and intervention even in views that appear to be straightforward landscapes. Voshardt/Humphrey remain fundamentally concerned with cognitive processes, and the dilemma of holding two opposing viewpoints in one's mind simultaneously.

Concepts of time are a recurring thread throughout their work. Their video often drastically compresses or stretches real time, while photographs compare overlapping temporal records: from geologic "deep time" to natural and economic cycles, to moments that are fleeting. Still and moving images also exchange roles. Their installation of archetypal stills can be read like a timeline, or seen relationally as a sort of perceptual shorthand within a complex visual syntax. As the impression of an overall gestalt, or as a mind-map of loosely joined thoughts, images resonate as the viewer moves through the space - met by the arresting pause of a fixed-frame video on the opposite wall of the gallery.

Voshardt/Humphrey's practice extends an open invitation to chance and necessitates constant reinvention, reordering and interpretation rather than comfortably relying on a particular style or theme to fulfill a projected photographic outcome. Their process of seeing is a messy business of manipulating images while keeping a mindful eye on multiple interests - a visual mash-up like life.

Robyn Voshardt:
School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA.
Studio Diploma and Fifth Year Graduate Certificate

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
B.A. cum laude, Individualized Major - Visual & Environmental Studies

Sven Humphrey:
Tufts University / School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, MA, B.F.A.

Residencies & Awards:
Florida Individual Artist Fellowship (R), 2006
Caldera Artist Residency, Sisters, Oregon, 2005
Clarissa Bartlett Traveling Scholars Award & Exhibition, School of the Museum of Fine Arts & Museum of Fine Arts Boston (R), 1993
Boit Award for Drawing, School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (S), 1992