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Guitar Drag (2000) - Christian Marclay

Thanks for posting this! IMO Marclay's best work.


just a heads up. There's been changes to the schedule.

See for the latest.


Huong Ngo opening at DEADTECH - Chicago USA

Sat Oct 06, 2007 00:00 - Sat Oct 06, 2007

Huong Ngo - Kosmolet (Radio Receiver No. 1)
October 6-November 10
at Deadtech
3321 W. Fullerton Ave.
Opening Oct. 6, 7:00-10:00 pm

This Saturday, October 6, we are opening a new installation by Huong Ngo titled "Kosmolet (Radio Receiver No. 1)" at Deadtech.

Kosmolet is a radio drawing, a functional receiver made out of common household materials, that spans the entire gallery space. Delicate wire lines serve as antennas, bricolaged cardboard and aluminum foil become the frequency tuners, and lowly cardboard tubes are transformed into noble inductor coils.

'Kosmolet' is a celebastardization of the Russian word 'Komsomolet,' or 'little comrade,' the name given to crystal radio kits for little boys during the Stalinist era. Tuning into as many stations as possible in the shortwave to mid-wave range, Kosmolet is also a little world, or the world all at once, a Wunderkammer of sounds. Inspired by anecdotes of handmade radios scraped together under the watchful eyes of oppressive governments, Kosmolet is a declaration of the subversive power of information.

Opening Runs 7PM - 10PM. Refreshments are served.
more info at

Deadtech is an art and technology center in Chicago, IL USA and has been host to technology-enabled art and artists from across the globe since 1999. We're also in your base killing your d00ds.


"Civil Twilight" at Deadtech - Chicago

Fri Oct 20, 2006 00:00 - Fri Oct 20, 2006

Civil Twilight - 6 Degrees Below Horizon.

An installation by Don Lambert and Mathew Jinks
Opens: Friday October 20, 8PM - Midnight
Closes: Tuesday November 21st, 8PM - Midnight


3321 W. Fullerton Ave. Chicago, IL 60647
Hours: Tuesdays: 8PM - Midnight, Saturdays: Noon - 5PM

Behold! Come Friday, October 20th Don Lambert and Mat Jinks shall descend on Deadtech astride brown-paper airships of their own design. Not content to limit their airborne investigation to a single medium, the pair will present inflatables, drawings, models, blueprints, videos and sound works. Consider this your primer on the metaphysics of flight.

The installation will open on Friday October 20th at Deadtech, with later hours than other galleries so that you can go see them and still make it out to see us.

*About Deadtech*
Deadtech is an art and technology center in Chicago, IL USA and since 1998 has been host to (though not lately) technology-enabled art and artists from across the globe. As of 2006, founder Rob Ray has been overhauling the space and is joined by Chicago artists Alexander Stewart and Taylor Hokanson to help make Deadtech a lot more kick ass.

A few of Deadtech’s goals for 2006 (and beyond) is to be more responsive to the current needs of local and national/international tech-centric artists. A lot has gone down in the art world since 1998 when the first slabs of drywall got put up in the Deadtech space. Contemporary art museums and galleries are catching on - sort of. So, as they continue catch up to what interactive artists needs were in 1998, Deadtech seeks to raise the bar on them (and itself) again.

Deadtech is also host to the Chicago Dorkbot.