Rob Myers
Since 2003
Works in United States of America

Rob Myers is an artist and hacker based in the UK.

I have been creating images of the contemporary social and cultural environment through programming, design software and visual remixing since the early 1990s. My work is influenced by popular culture and high art in equal measures. My interest in remixing and sampling has led to my involvement in the Free Culture movement. I have been involved in the public consultation regarding the Creative Commons 2.0 and CC-UK licenses. All my visual art is available under a Creative Commons license.

My interest in programming has led to my involvement with the Free Software movement. I developed the Macintosh version of the Gwydion Dylan programming language compiler. All my software is available under the GNU GPL.
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Re: Manik

On 18 Dec 2003, at 22:17, Matthew Mascotte wrote:

> Is it me or was anyone else
> confused and slightly offended
> by Manik's handful of semen posting
> today?

No, it was definitely semen.

- Rob.


"Boycott a Glossy Magazine" Quarter

Adbusters" were unimpressed by "MTV" not showing an advertisement for
"Boycott Your TV" week.

I propose "Boycott Glossy Lifestyle Magazines" Quarter. Glossy
magazines peddle homogenized culture, leech cash and waste time. They
propagate unreality more intimately than TV, and are more tailored to
demographics. They are a threat to private space and shared reality and
another pointless spend.

I can't wait to see an advert for it in "Adbusters".

- Rob.


All My Art* is Now Open Content

I've completed releasing my back-catalogue as Open Content and I'm
working on future projects under the same Creative Commons License.

"Blobs" is particularly good for sampling as the original graphic
elements are included.

- Rob.

* Except "Surgical Strike" which uses found images, and "The Cybernetic
Artwork Nobody Wrote" which I'm going to GPL.


Re: Enslavement of Digital Communities

On 17 Dec 2003, at 19:14, Lanfranco Aceti wrote:

> Is there a limit to commodification?

No. Conceptual Art originally proposed as concepts now fetches a high
price. Anti-capital is like impurities in an oyster.

- Rob.


Re: fun and games with Nike...

On 17 Dec 2003, at 13:12, marc.garrett wrote:

> Nike now lets you personalize your shoes by submitting a word or phrase
> which they will stitch onto your shoes, under the swoosh. So Jonah
> Peretti
> filled out the form and sent them $50 to stitch "sweatshop" onto his
> shoes.
> Here's the responses he got... fun and games with Nike...

Ah, nostalgia.

- Rob.