Robert Edgar
Since 2006
Works in United States of America

Robert creates and employs software engines to examine mediated artifacts forged within his zone of proximal development.
Between 2012 and 2014 Robert exhibited in SF with CODAME, around the SF bay area with LASER/Leronardo, and worked and performed in SF with KINETECH.

His computer-based work includes the Simultaneous Opposites Engine (2008-Present), Memory Theatre One (1985), Living Cinema (1988), Sand, or How Computers Imagine Truth in Cinema (1994), The Duchamp Examinations (2006), and Memory Theatre Two (2003-2007).

Robert holds an MFA from Syracuse University. He grew up in Cocoa Beach, Florida during the birth of the NASA Space Program and presently lives in Silicon Valley.
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Simultaneous Opposites

Sat Apr 03, 2010 00:00 - Sat Apr 03, 2010

Since 2008, Robert Edgar has been developing and using the Simultaneous Opposites Engine for the realtime examination of pairs of video files. Around fifty navigations are available for viewing at

Edgar "creates and employs software engines to examine mediated artifacts forged at his zone of proximal development".

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Net Work: Memory Theatre Two

Tue Oct 23, 2007 00:00 - Sat Oct 20, 2007

To view:

Slow for a film
But very fast for a painting.

Robert Edgar