robert bender
Since 2009

The artwork I have created is relevant to me because I see television’s impact on my community and myself by how it has shaped our beliefs. Growing up, my father operated a business repairing TVs and electronics out of our house. As a child I had a television in every room and easily 50+ televisions in my father’s shop. While living in my parent’s house I grew up watching the same television programs they did and my beliefs were parallel to theirs. Only after being outside that environment was I able to critically think about the images I saw on television. Media is rapidly evolving and we now live on a 24-hour information cycle with our 24-hour cable news outlets, which provide a constant influx of information. This has caused a problem by knowing so many things, but never knowing enough about them because television is a business with a time-constraint that doesn’t allow for that kind of in-depth knowledge.