Since 2007


Robert Carbonell, Is born in Barcelona in 1966, He Studies in a Jesuits' college in Barcelona, where to take interest for the drawing.. It realizes the first year of technical Architecture for family vocation, It leaves it to do a Master in multimedia .

It has been employed at several agencies of advertising at Barcelona as FreeLance.

Of self-taught formation it begins in the painting at the professional level at the beginning of the 90s.

Always realizing an abstract painting based on the Nature and an obsession for the passage of time. Analyzing the effects that this " Time " realizes on the objects

His painting is characterized by the textures that are applied, materials and for a palette of natural colors.

It is not up to beginning of the year 2006 when it decides to exhibit in Galleries seeing the success that before tape-worm in the exhibitions that it was organizing in his workshop. “Study of painting”.

In the latter years it has exhibited his work in several cities, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, New York, London, Florence and Hamburg,

His work is distributed by several countries.

Nowadays it lives and is employed at Barcelona.

Robert Carbonell

Partner of the Association of Visual Artists of Catalonia

"Robert Carbonell investigates in the expressiveness of the matter, to which he awards character, but also it he, inoculates lyricism, capacity of perception beyond the limits, thanks to the support of the color, which it he,uses with determination.

Abstract, but always in search of an imagined representation, as if about a mental scenery it he, was treating itself himself, made with character, with determination, looking for the intrigue , the scenery, the atrezzo, from the existential optics, investigating in the rough terrain of the soul. Life, loneliness and transcendency. Passenger of the time, who looks to yes same, that it he, investigates in the question that shows itself in his, your smile, almost imperceptibly, that advances across the look..

It He, looks without looking, because his ,your plastic efficiency resides in the dramatization of the idea, in the conjunction of the visualization of the expressive thing. It he, sails in the marasmus, looking for the space, there where there receives documents in the subjective thing, in the interrogation of sugerente, content, hidden, almost imperceptibly, then to explode with determination."

Joan Lluís Montané

Of the Association the Critical International of Art