R Pharaoh
Since 2003
Works in Thebes Uganda

I was born on a beautiful stormy Friday evening of October 13th 1972.

I was always fascinated by ancestral legacy and what I could learn from possessing and preserving that knowledge. While at secondary school (1990-1992), I concentrated my academic curricula in Maths, Economics, Geography and Art.

Prior to my vacation before joining university back in 1992, I participated as a founding member of a United Nations sponsored project called Safeguard Youth From Aids;(SYFA.)

In the fall of 1992, I joined United States International University; Africa, where I was a founding member to two student run organizations, namely Africa Peace Initiative (API) and Cultural International Club (CIC).

Part of the syllabi required doing an internship program, of which I chose to be engaged as a Laboratory Assistant to Dr. Abdel-Hattem Fattah, a Genetic Scientist attached to the Bio-Chemistry laboratory at the International Center for Insect Physiology and Ecology (ICIPE) at Kasarani - Nairobi, during 1993 to 1994.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Business Administration on 10th June 1995. In the fall of 1995, I was employed by a local commercial bank as Banking Official attached to the Clearing department. However, I resigned from that career in the fall of 1997, and accepted a voluntary position at the Pan African Youth Movement (PAYM) as Director for Research in Kampala from December 1997 to May 1999.

During my time with PAYM, I was also a part time curator for a local art studio, Ujuzi Art Studios.

In October of 1999, The Life In Africa Foundation (LIA, http://www.lifeinafrica.com) presented me with a very unique opportunity to learn a great deal from the sociable Inter-Cultural configuration of their-then Volunteer program.

I left LiA temporarily to exploit a job opportunity in the IT sector setting up computer networks and doing some hardware repair and maintenance work. The LiA team called me back in early 2002 to rejoin the new team.

I have enjoyed self-enrichment in terms of being part of a decent and meaningful cause; and endorsed my aspiration to develop the necessary skills to participate in the formulation of policies which would (will) contribute to the eradication of poverty, illiteracy and idolatry, not just in Africa, but eventually the world over.

I was given time to undergo military training at the Police Academy (March to September 2002).

Now I am currently engaged in exciting multi-faceted projects involving law enforcement, website development & management, Internet Marketing & Promotion of the LIA platform by utilizing custom-made email messages, signatures, reciprocal links, ad swaps, ezine distribution lists and discussion forums.

The future holds a lot of hope and dreams for me. If asked what my best wish is, I would say 'three goals'.

The first is to establish an Information and Communication Bureau (ICB) which would offer a range of services such as teleconferencing, email access, internet chat-rooms, mobile and wireless telephoning, digital editing, internet marketing for online entrepreneurs and website building.

The second goal is to establish an Institute for Language, Innovation and Technological Advancement (ILITA); using selected indigenous and foreign languages.

And third goal is endorsement of a marketing and consumption strategy for African products and services to a global market.

I have, at last, an opportunity to positively contribute towards the growing awareness of and about Africa using the Internet. Now, I intend to build my career along the theme of Human Development owing to the favorable Interpersonal communication mechanisms instituted in me through the numerous experiences I have been through. Since my learning curve currently stands at a vertical position, I continue to conceptualize and implement the synergy between Technology and Philanthropy.

I am dealing with a founding concept for my path ahead. It involves making use of science, art, philosophy and re-legion as ideological parameters to gauge our current and future actions.

I am also involved in learning to read and write hieroglyphs. I can read basic (junior) writings now.

Our hopes have been renewed at http://www.lia4.com/

So help Me God!!!